Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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This one will be short but sweet as ever, as the road, as it’s
wont to do this time of year, is calling.

Deer. Heading to the deer shack in the near
future to spruce things up. Spring break, we call it. Not exactly
white sand, blue water, and poolside margaritas, but a good break
nonetheless. But I digress.

Last year, our crew shot very few deer hunting in the areas we
typically hunt in. Odd, because the total kill in our area was
about the same as it was in 2005, when we had a much better year.
Statewide, the deer kill was the second-highest on record, yet I
heard more complaints that there were no deer around than I have

While I have a hard time with the people who say there are no
deer left in the state, there has to be an explanation for why so
many people claimed to have had a poor season when hunters as a
whole killed nearly 270,000 deer. Leave a comment or shoot me an
email, but let me know your explanation, and what you think can be
done to remedy it.

John Schroers. I’ve already done it in person, but again want to
congratulate John Schroers on being named Outdoor News Man of the
Year for 2007. While there are plenty of folks who deserve the
award, the decision by our staff here was a pretty easy one.

Frankly, it seems like John is everywhere. I went to the
Minnesota Waterfowl Association’s Woody Camp in Fergus Falls. John
was there. A meeting about Swan Lake in Nicollet. John was there.
The DNR Roundtable at Breezy Point, then St. Cloud. John was

Starting to get the picture?

And that’s not even to mention the state Capitol, where the guy
has spent endless hours in camouflaged garb and orange hats
advocating for hunters and fishermen. I honestly don’t know if I’ve
ever been there and not run into him.

So congratulations, John. You’re a fine example of what a
volunteer should be.

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