Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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No change for walleye slot on Lake Mille Lacs in 2007

DNR Reports

St. Paul — Anglers who fish Lake Mille Lacs this year again will
have ample opportunity to harvest walleyes under a slot limit
unchanged since 2004, according to the Minnesota DNR.

The season will open May 12 with a regulation that will allow
anglers to keep four walleyes up to 20 inches, which may include
one trophy over 28 inches. Anglers must release all walleyes from
20 to 28 inches. Starting July 15, anglers will be allowed to keep
walleyes up to 22 inches with one trophy over 28 inches in the
four-fish limit. All walleyes from 22 to 28 inches must be
released. The slot will revert to four walleyes up to 20 inches
with one over 28 inches in the four-fish limit on Dec. 1.

“This regulation is designed to allow anglers to use most of the
449,000 pounds of walleyes (including hooking mortality) allotted
to the state,” said Dave Schad, DNR director of fish and

Eight bands of Minnesota and Wisconsin Ojibwe may take 100,000
pounds of walleyes.

The slot limit will continue to protect future fishing

“The majority of our spawning stock biomass – large, mature fish
– continues to be protected under this regulation and remains in
good shape,” said Ron Payer, DNR fisheries chief.

He added the strong 2002 and 2003 year-classes of walleyes, now
mostly 14 to 20 inches, once again will provide for a good catch of
eating-sized walleyes for anglers to keep. Smaller fish in the 11-
to 14-inch range are less numerous.

“Anglers can still keep deeply hooked small fish to take home
and fry up,” Payer said. “However, we encourage anglers to release
these smaller fish that are likely to survive.”

The two youngest year-classes of walleyes, from 2005 and 2006,
are abundant and should provide continued good fishing in the near

Last year, anglers caught 1.5 million pounds of walleyes and
harvested 480,000 pounds under the same slot limit and a walleye
allocation of 500,000 pounds. Many of the walleyes were nice-sized
fish from the 2002 and 2003 year-classes.

This year’s regulation is similar to special walleye regulations
on other walleye lakes such as Rainy, Leech, Big Sand, and

“This new regulation protects the long-term health of the
fishery, allows excellent opportunity for anglers and safeguards
economic interests,” Payer said. “The decision to maintain the same
regulation was made based on the best biological data, with input
from anglers and resort owners.”

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