Wind, rain, and even snow limits fall fishing activity



East – Isle Bay is producing perch and crappies in six to eight
feet of water. You’ll also find crappies near the docks in Izaty’s
Harbor. A few walleyes can be off Hawkbill Point and Big Point
during the evening hours. Trolling crankbaits has worked best in
less than 12 feet of water.

Johnson’s Portside (320) 676-3811

West – You still can catch walleyes at night with slip bobbers
and leeches off the flats in 32 to 34 feet. Trolling crankbaits
after dark has produced walleyes in less than 10 feet of water in
Garrison Bay, St. Alban’s Bay, and from Seguchie’s Point to Brown’s
Point. Numbers of good-sized perch are coming off the rock points
in four to eight feet.

Terry’s Boat Harbor (320) 692-4430

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The shiner minnows are in the Rainy River and the big walleyes
have followed them there. Current water temperature in the river is
41 degrees. Most anglers are fishing the Lighthouse Gap, Four Mile
Bay, or Frontier Landing areas with a jig and minnow combination.
Smallmouth bass can be had along the shorelines of Four Mile Bay
and schools of crappies are being found at various points along the
river. Tug Channel and Deep Water Bay have been producing numbers
of walleyes and jumbo perch at the Northwest Angle in 10 to 26 feet
of water. Grouse hunting has been exceptional and there are some
bluebills and snow geese in the area.

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

(800) 382-FISH


A jig and minnow combination is producing some walleyes in 10 to
12 feet off Sand Point and Pine Point. Look for perch in less than
eight feet of water in the bays and Walker Narrows. An occasional
muskie is picked off the rocks with bucktails. Duck numbers remain
strong on the bigger bodies of water with some divers being
reported. Grouse hunting also continues to be good when the weather
allows hunters to get out.

Reed’s Sporting Goods (218) 547-1505


The lake recently turned over, which slowed the walleye bite.
Look to the small bays such as LaFayette and Crystal for a few
fish. A slow-presented minnow rig is your best bet in 20 feet.
Panfish and bass have moved to deep water and remain sluggish.

Wayzata Bait (952) 473-2227


A jig and minnow is triggering walleyes near Dry Weed Island and
Erickson Reef in 35 to 40 feet. The Reinier Rapids area in Sand Bay
also is worth noting in 26 to 28 feet. Mallards, ringbills, and
geese are quite noticeable in the area, but recent winds and rain
has limited grouse hunting opportunities.

Loon’s Nest (218) 286-5850


You’ll still find walleyes and perch on the points or shallow,
shoreline breaks with a jig and minnow in six to eight feet of
water. The best reports now are coming from the Cutfoot area in 18
to 22 feet with minnows. Grouse hunting has improved now that the
leaves are gone and there seems to be more ducks in the area this

Pines Resort and Campground (218) 246-8546

Nodak Lodge (218) 665-2226

Twin Cities Metro


The narrows of the St. Croix River are producing walleyes via
minnows in eight to 15 feet. Look to the Prescott area of the
Mississippi River for walleyes as well. Northern pike and muskies
are hitting smaller presentations such as spinnerbaits worked
slowly on Bald Eagle Lake and White Bear Lake. Hunting reports have
been limited.

Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle (651) 777-2421


Small jigs tipped with plastics or minnows are producing
crappies on Hydes Lake in 10 to 12 feet of water. You’ll also find
sunfish on the south end of Hydes in six to eight feet. Northern
pike can be had on spoons and bass are hitting spinnerbaits at Lake
Auburn in four to eight feet. Walleyes are hitting spinner rigs and
minnows in 14 feet of water on Lake Waconia. The deep holes of the
Minnesota River and Crow River have provided steady walleye action
as well. Pheasant hunters did well with thick cover and corn fields
producing quite a few limits. The recent cold front also pushed
more ducks into the area.

Cabin Fever Sports (952) 443-2022



A jig and minnow is producing walleyes at Clearwater Lake in 12
to 22 feet and on Cedar Lake in 18 to 24 feet. Deep-diving
crankbaits have been the ticket for largemouth bass in deeper water
on Pleasant Lake. Duck hunters reported more birds in the area this
week than last and pheasant hunters shot some birds although most
expect the hunting to improve once the corn is removed.

Little Jim’s Bait (320) 274-5297


A jig and minnow is producing walleyes on Blackduck Lake in six
to 10 feet of water. Lakes such as Rabideau, Gilstead, and South
Twin are producing panfish in 20 to 25 feet. Reports from hunters
indicate a strong grouse population and quite a few ringbills in
the area.

Timberline Sports and Tackle

(218) 835-4636


Walleye anglers are pulling fish with redtail minnows at Serpent
Lake in 14 to 20 feet of water. Redtails also are working on
Pelican Lake in 20 to 30 feet of water. Panfish and northern pike
reports have been limited. Grouse hunters are finding plenty of
birds, while the larger bodies of water remain the best options for
ducks and geese.

Oars ‘n Mine Bait and Tackle (218) 546-6912


A jig and redtail minnow is turning walleyes at Pleasant Lake in
40 feet of water. The same presentation will provide steady walleye
action on Woman Lake in 18 to 22 feet. Grouse hunters are doing
well and duck hunters are finding more birds further north toward
the Walker area.

Swanson’s Bait and Tackle (218) 675-6176


Minnows have been producing walleyes for the few anglers fishing
in 30 to 35 feet of water. Northern pike and crappie action has
slowed with a few fish coming from deep water. With the leaves now
down around the area, grouse hunting has been very good.

Gateway Store (218) 875-2121


A large jig and minnow combination will turn walleyes on the
sharp, 24- to 40- foot breaks. Muskie anglers have begun trolling
with 10-inch Jakes and Grandmas for the majority of their fish.
Grouse hunting continues to be very good and with the recent cold
snap, thousands of ducks are reported on Nett Lake and Pelican

Lake Vermilion Trading Company

(218) 666-6052


Anglers fishing from shore at the public dock and off Highway 60
on Lake Washington are catching walleyes on minnows. Casting
crankbaits in 10 feet of water around the Grassy Island area of
Lake Washington has produced walleyes. A jig and minnow is
triggering walleyes in the deep holes of the Blue Earth River.
Pheasant hunting has been good south of the area and the Swan Lake
area is holding quite a few ducks.

The Bobber Shop (507) 625-8228


The best walleye reports are from the dam area of the
Mississippi River. Sonars or a jig and minnow have been the best
presentations in 18 feet. Crappie anglers have done well with
minnows in shallow water at the Baypoint Park area. Pheasant
hunters took some birds opening weekend, but there’s a lot of
standing corn in this area.

Ike’s Bait and Tackle (651) 388-2111


Floating Rapalas are producing walleyes along the bulrushes of
Lake Minnewaska during the evening hours. Work the points of
Minnewaska for walleyes during the day in 10 to 18 feet of water
with minnows. Pheasant hunters did well opening weekend, despite
the fact that there’s still a lot of corn standing throughout the
area. Duck hunters continue to shoot birds and geese , along with
mallards and wigeon, are most noticeable.

Minnewaska Bait and Tackle (320) 239-2239

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