Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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If you don’t mind the heat, fish the ultra-hot Great Lakes


Lake St. Clair

Walleye fishing has been good on Lake St. Clair in the middle of
lake near the weather buoy. Anglers fishing crawler harnesses and
bottom bouncers are catching good numbers of fish. Muskie fishing
has been good on the Canadian side of the lake, and smallies are
hitting tubes and jigs up and down the American shoreline.

Lakeside Fishing Shops (586) 777-7003, (586) 468-9913.

Trenton Area

The best walleye fishing has been in the north end of the
Detroit River. Anglers are fishing areas with weedbeds and
structure near the drop-offs, as the fish are holding in cooler
waters. Anglers are slow-trolling and drifting with bottom bouncers
and crawler harnesses. Hand-liners are taking fish with crankbaits
fished at night. Smallmouth bass are hitting jigs tipped with
crawlers, and perch are hitting jigs and minnows.

Bottom Line Bait & Tackle (734) 379-9762.

Trenton Lighthouse (734) 675-7080.

Horse Island Tackle (734) 692-9839.

Luna Pier Area

Walleye fishing remains good on Lake Erie. Anglers trolling
small spoons behind in-line disks fished off planer boards are
catching decent numbers of fish. The best action has been in 20 to
30 feet of water along the Michigan/Ohio border. Good action has
been reported off Bolles Harbor and off Stony Point near the
Sputnik. Anglers also are catching perch on minnows fished in the
same area.

Luna Pier Harbour Club (734) 848-8777.


St. Joseph Area

The waters of Lake Michigan have just turned over, and pier
anglers are catching summer-run steelhead. Boat anglers are
catching chinook salmon 60 to 70 feet down in waters 75 to 140 feet
deep. Yellow perch have been caught in waters 15 to 40 feet deep.
Fishing has slowed in the St. Joe River. Water levels are dropping,
but the clarity is very poor. A handful of anglers were taking
decent catches of panfish using red worms up by the Berrien Springs
Dam. Steelhead still can be found near the mouth of the creeks.
Smallmouth bass and walleyes are running small.

B.J. Sports (269) 429-8271.

Three Rivers Area

Walleye fishing has been pretty good on the St. Joe River at the
Three Rivers Dam. Anglers report a good bite on crawler harnesses
or bass shiners. Smallmouths and catfish also are being caught.
Bluegills are hitting wax worms and crickets fished in 12 to 14
feet of water on Clear and Pleasant lakes. Smallies are hitting
tube baits and minnows on Fishers Lake.

Bobber Stop Bait and Tackle (269) 352-1554.

Union Area

Panfish action has been pretty good on local lakes. Anglers
fishing wax worms and red worms are taking fish on Bogart, Long,
and Juneau lakes. Bass fishing has been good on Cory and Shavehead
lakes. Try fishing a Sinko on the deep side of the weedbeds.

Halls Bait and Tackle (269) 641-2304.

Holland Area

Salmon fishing has been good on Lake Michigan. Spoons and flies
are taking fish in 60 to 120 feet of water. Start shallow in the
early morning and move to deeper waters as the day goes on. Perch
fishing is very good in waters up to 35 feet deep. At South Haven,
pier anglers are catching skamania steelhead, and boat anglers are
catching salmon 60 to 70 feet down in waters 75 to 140 feet deep.
Good yellow perch fishing was reported in waters 15 to 40 feet
deep. Walleyes are starting to bite on the west end of Lake
Macatawa in Big Bay. Crawler harnesses and minnows fished in 30 to
35 feet of water have been productive. Largemouth bass are hitting
close to shore in the early morning and evening. Northern pike can
be found along the weedbeds.

American Tackle Outfitters (616) 392-6688.


Saginaw Bay Area

Walleye fishing on Saginaw Bay has been very good. Anglers
trolling crawler harnesses at buoys 1 and 2 and the Sparkplug
report good success. Anglers are fishing crawler harnesses and
pulling plugs with good success. Fish are starting to move toward
deeper water near Point Au Gres. Perch fishing has been spotty in
recent days.

Franks Great Outdoors (989) 697-5341.

Hoyles Marina (989) 697-4415.

Grand Haven Area

Boat anglers continue to catch good numbers of chinook,
steelhead, and lake trout in Lake Michigan. Anglers trolling
straight out and north of the port report the best bites. The fish
have been about halfway down in water 90 to 140 feet deep.
Downriggers or planer boards with large spoons continue to catch
fish. Boat anglers have caught some perch in 30 to 40 feet of

Lakeview Marine & Tackle (616) 842-2770.

Muskegon Area

Walleye fishing has been pretty good in Muskegon Lake. Anglers
are fishing with crawler harnesses and crankbaits off Second
Street, Green Creek, and over by the Milwaukee Clipper. Salmon
fishing has been good on Lake Michigan in 90 to 100 feet of water.
Action should continue to improve into the fall.

Angler Archer (231) 744-5992.


Sebewaing Area

Walleye anglers report a good bite on crawler harnesses fished
in 10 to 12 feet of water at The Slot on Lake Huron. A good bite
also is being reported off Charity Islands in 15 to 20 feet of

Sebewaing Harbor Marina (989) 883-9558.

Harbor Beach Area

Salmon fishing has been fair on Lake Michigan. A few lakers and
steelhead also are being caught. Anglers fishing straight out and
north of the harbor are catching fish 50 to 70 feet down in 90 to
120 feet of water. The best bite has been early and late. Spoons
and dodgers, and either squid or flies, have been picking up fish.
Lakers are hitting Spin-n-Glows or cut baits fished right on the

Frank’s Place Bait & Tackle (989) 864-5634.

Port Huron

Anglers continue to pick up good numbers of walleyes in the St.
Clair River all the way from Algonac to Port Huron. The best action
has been between Marine City and Maysville by anglers trolling
crawler harnesses in 12 to 20 feet of water. Hot colors have been
orange, chartreuse, and gold.

Anderson’s Pro Bait (810) 984-3232


East Jordan Area

Walleye fishing has picked up on Lake Charlevoix. Anglers have
been trolling and drifting crawler harnesses, jigs, and cranks in
10 to 30 feet of water in Horton Bay, near Young State Park and in
the harbor at Boyne City. Good smallmouth bass fishing has been
reported by anglers fishing near Hemingway Point, Two Mile Point,
Whiting Point, Oyster Bay, and Horton Bay. Anglers are casting tube
baits, spinners, crankbaits, and leeches in 10 to 20 feet of water.
Perch up to 8 inches long have been caught on minnows and crawlers
fished in waters 14 to 35 feet deep.

Tom’s Bait & Tackle (231) 536-3521.

Traverse City Area

Salmon anglers report a good bite in East Grand Traverse Bay
near Yuba and Elk Rapids. Anglers are trolling spoons 70 to 80 feet
down in water 95 to 145 feet deep. For lake trout, try fishing off
Willow Point, South Bank, Yuba, and Elk Rapids. Boaters are
trolling about halfway down in waters 110 to 140 feet deep with
spoons in green and white, green and silver, and green and blue.
The West Bay also has fair to good fishing for salmon and lake
trout. Try fishing off the White Walls, the Gravel Pit, and the Red
Buoy No. 8.

WildFishing Guide Service

Beulah Area

Salmon fishing has been great on Lake Michigan. The best catches
have come to anglers trolling between the piers and Point Betsie.
Try fishing 45 to 70 feet down in water up to 200 feet deep with
spoons and flies in blue, green, or glow-in-the-dark. Upper Herring
Lake continues to provide good action for panfish. Due to warm
water conditions, expect to find them out in deeper water. Down at
Onekama, boaters are trolling for trout and salmon straight out
from the piers and out near The Barrel. Chinook and steelhead have
been caught 65 to 90 feet down in water 120 to 150 feet deep. The
steelhead are hitting on Orange Crush, while the chinook were
hitting on combinations of blue, green, and gold. Bluegill, rock
bass, and small yellow perch are hitting on the east end of Portage

Bud’s in Honor (231) 325-3891.

Cadillac Area

Warm water and milfoil have slowed the fishing on Lake Cadillac.
Some anglers have managed to catch panfish east of Kenwood Park
using leaf worms and wax worms in 8 feet of water. Fishermen on
Lake Mitchell are having some success for walleyes on the east end
of the lake near Mitchell State Park. Try jigs baited with minnows
in 20 feet of water.

Schaefer’s Bait & Sporting Goods (231) 775-7085.


Houghton Lake Area

Recent storms have made for spotty fishing on Houghton Lake.
Bluegills can still be found around the entire lake. Look for bass
and walleyes along the weedbeds. Leeches, crawlers, leaf worms, wax
worms, and tube baits have caught fish.

Lyman’s on the Lake (989) 422-3231.

Sportsman’s Resort and Marina (989) 366-5471.

Higgins Lake Area

Boat anglers are still fishing for lake trout on Higgins Lake.
Yellow perch continue to bite in 20 to 50 feet of water. Fair to
good smallmouth bass fishing has been reported by anglers fishing
along the drop-offs around the islands.

Higgins Lake Sport & Tackle (989) 821-9517.

Phoenix Party and Bait Store (989) 821-7220.

Hubbard Lake Area

Smallmouth bass are hitting crawlers and spinnerbaits fished on
Hubbard Lake south of Anchor Market. Pumpkin-colored baits are
working well. Perch are hitting worms and minnows in 12 to 14 feet
of water on the north and south ends of the lake. Walleyes are
being caught in 35 to 45 feet of water.

Side Door Bait and Tackle (989) 736-6418.

Rogers City Area

Salmon fishing has been pretty good on Lake Huron, but the fish
are scattered. Anglers are fishing straight out from Rogers City,
south toward Calcite, or north of the port up to Forty Mile Point.
Good depths have been 60 to 120 feet deep, depending on water
temperatures. Downriggers, planer boards, lead core, and Dipseys
have all worked well with spoons in a variety of colors, dodgers,
flashers, squid, and cut bait.

Terry’s Tackle (231) 734-4616.

Alpena Area

Boat anglers fishing out near the Nordmeer Wreck in Lake Huron
have caught trout and salmon. Those trolling the deeper waters up
to 140 feet deep just east of the wreck have caught a nice
selection of lake trout on spoons, dodgers, and squid, flashers,
and squid and cut bait. Those willing to make the trip have caught
some large lake trout along the drop-off near the trout refuge.
Those staying closer to shore have caught smaller fish in Thunder
Bay. Walleyes were taken off Middle Island, Scarecrow Island, and
North Point. Fishing has been slow in the Thunder Bay River.

Clem’s Live Bait & Tackle (989) 354-2070.

Oscoda Area

Anglers have caught lake trout in Lake Huron in waters 80 to 130
feet deep. Chinook, along with some steelhead, have been caught in
the upper water column on orange spoons. Walleyes and catfish have
been caught on crawlers and leeches. Down at Tawas, walleyes have
been caught in 40 to 70 feet of water around Buoy 2. Those trolling
off Au Sable Point have caught chinooks and lake trout. Pier
anglers have caught 8- to 10-inch perch, northern pike, rock bass
and smallmouth bass.

Wellman’s Sport Center (989) 739-2869.


Pickford Area

Salmon fishing has been pretty good on Lake Huron out of Hessel
near Goose Island, off St. Martins Point, and in the Dolomite
Shipping Channel. Try 20 to 30 feet down in 70 feet of water.
Yellow perch are biting in the Moscoe Channel, Muskie Bay, and off
Little Joe Island. Excellent smallmouth bass fishing was reported
in the Moscoe Channel and off the Hessel Pier.

Wilderness Treasures (906) 647-4002.

Sault Ste. Marie Area

Excellent walleye fishing has been reported by anglers fishing
the St. Marys River. Limits were taken in the upper river from Six
Mile down to Neebish Island. Bottom bouncers with 36-inch crawler
harnesses fished in 25 to 32 feet of water produced the most fish.
Atlantic salmon were caught in the early morning behind the Edison
Power Plant by anglers fishing in 12 feet of water along the
current. Whitefish action was slow.

Hank’s Sport Shop (906) 632-8741.

Grand Marais Area

Lake trout fishing has been fair in Lake Superior. Boat anglers
are trolling spoons about five to six miles north of the port and
experiencing decent success.

Rainbow Lodge (906) 658-3357

Garden Area

Perch fishing has been good in Big Bay de Noc. Anglers are
jigging crawlers along the weeds in 8 to 10 feet of water. Good
smallmouth bass action has been reported by anglers drifting
crawlers with small jigheads in 15 to 25 feet of water just outside
Puffy Bay. Fairport anglers reported good catches of salmon and
trout as the season is now under way. The better fishing is in the
early morning when anglers troll in 45 to 60 feet of water, 80 to
120 feet deep. Several brown trout were caught 25 to 35 feet

The Garden Sport Shop (906) 644-2908

Foxy’s Den (906) 644-2817.

Munising Area

Lake trout fishing has been good in Lake Superior. Fishing
pressure has been light, but those going out reported good catches
with several boats taking limits in 150 to 200 feet of water. Flies
and P-Nuts trolled behind dodgers and cowbells have been

Curly’s Hilltop Grocery (906) 387-3056.


Marquette Area

Lake trout fishing remains fair for boaters heading out of the
Upper and Lower Harbors on Lake Superior. Anglers trolling in
waters 140 to 200 feet deep report the best success. A few cohos
and lake trout were taken in shallow water about 60 feet deep near
the Upper Harbor breakwall.

Gander Mountain (906) 226-8300

Escanaba Area

Walleye fishing has been good in Little Bay de Noc, but a lot of
undersize fish have been caught. The better fishing continues to be
off the East Bank around the Black Bottom when anglers jig or drift
crawlers in 8 to 25 feet of water along the weedbeds. Some nice 8-
to 10-inch perch and several nice bluegills were taken out from
Brachs Cabins in 11 to 17 feet of water. Good smallmouth bass
action has been reported by anglers fishing just south of the Ford
River when casting or drifting crawlers and tube baits along the
weedlines in 8 to 19 feet of water. Salmon action has started to
heat up out near the Ford River Can by anglers trolling spoons 65
to 80 feet down in waters up to 125 feet deep.

Bay View Bait & Tackle (906) 786-1488.

BayShore Resort Bait & Tackle (906) 428-2950.

Menominee Area

Boat anglers jigging crawlers in the deeper holes had fair
walleye catches in the late evening hours on the Menominee River.
Smallmouth bass are hitting tube baits tipped with crawlers or leaf
worms. In Green Bay, salmon and brown trout were caught around
Green Island off Menominee and up near the Cedar River around the
Whaleback Shoal. Better catches took place in the early

MBK Sports Shop (715) 735-5393.

Martin Creek Sport and Feed (906) 863-4868.

Ontonagon Area

Lake trout have been caught in Lake Superior by anglers trolling
spoons in 70 to 130 feet of water, but the fish are scattered. The
fish are ranging from 18 to 28 inches. In the Ontonagon River,
walleye fishing was still slow, but those anglers fishing up into
the river have done better than those fishing near the mouth. Try
the deeper holes where water temperatures are not so warm.

Grieg’s Taxidermy & Tackle 906-884-2770

Iron River Area

Fishing has been slow around Iron River. A few walleyes have
been caught early in the mornings on Chicagon Lake and the Paint,
Michigamme, and Brule rivers. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are
hitting on most area lakes, with the best action coming to anglers
fishing early in the mornings and later in the evenings.

Luckey’s Sport Shop (906) 265-5339.

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