Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Killdeer reservoir drawn down nearly 50 percent

By Greg Keefer Contributing Writer

Upper Sandusky, Ohio — The water level in the 255-acre
above-ground reservoir in the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area near
Upper Sandusky has been drawn down by the DNR due to what Division
of Water spokesman Mike Hallfrisch described as shoreline

“The reservoir’s north and east embankments have experienced
problems and some of the bank has slid down into the lake,” said
Hallfrisch. As a result, water levels have been drawn down about 10
feet in the 32-foot deep reservoir.

According to Hallfrisch, bank slippage has put the entire
reservoir at risk. Reducing the amount of water in the reservoir
reduces the pressure against the manmade embankment and lessens the
possibility of more severe problems.

“We’ve lowered the water to nearly 50 percent capacity already
to prevent more bank slippage from occurring. We want to keep the
bank from failing completely and the water flowing out into the
surrounding area,” Hallfrisch said.

Plans are being made to lower the water another five feet to
further lower the water pressure on the banks. Hallfrisch said this
will put depths at about eight feet with some spots reaching down
to about 15 feet. When this draw down is completed, the water level
should stay there, pending any unexpected repairs. Boating and
fishing will not be adversely affected, he said.

According to John Daugherty, DNR Division of Wildlife District 2
manager, the upground reservoir was constructed in 1971 for boating
and fishing recreation and is operated under a cooperative
agreement between the DNR divisions of water and wildlife.

The reservoir was constructed to accommodate drawdowns for
drought relief and has been used to flood nearby Abraham Marsh for
waterfowl habitat. Water is pumped into the reservoir from
Tymochtee Creek.

“Some anglers are complaining about the water being down,” said
Ryan Kennedy, a wildlife officer in neighboring Hardin County. “The
lake has been drawn down but anglers can still catch smallmouth
bass and walleyes, and there are some good sized walleyes in there.
Anglers can still launch a boat and be on the reservoir.”

Much of the fish shelves and habitat that line the submerged
shoreline, however, are now high and dry.

According to Hallfrisch, the DNR divisions of water and wildlife
are currently working to identify repairs that need to be made and
project costs. A decision to either repair or abandon the reservoir
has not been made.

Killdeer Reservoir is a popular fishing spot for Wyandot County
anglers. The reservoir is located on county highway 75 just east of
state route 67. It’s located 10 miles southwest of Upper Sandusky.
Parking is on the north side of the reservoir.

Artificial reefs made of tires, dirt, limestone, and boulders
have been placed in several locations in the lake as fish
attractors. Submerged fish shelves and other cover border the
nearly two miles of shoreline.

The DNR reports that the reservoir still holds walleyes in the
20- to 30-inch range, smallmouth bass up to 17 inches, channel
catfish between 14 and 22 inches and bluegill up to 8 inches.

Gasoline boat motors are limited to 10 horsepower.

For more information contact the DNR Division of Water at (614)
265-6767 or Wildlife District 2 at (419) 424-5000.

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