Opening day deer hunters greeted by cold, windy weather


Lake St. Clair

Perch fishing has been good on Lake St. Clair. Perch are hitting
minnows fished off the mile roads in 10 to 12 feet of water and in
Anchor Bay in front of Selfridge Air base. Bass fishing has been
excellent. Anglers are having luck on the Canadian side of the lake
near the Belle River Hump, Johnston Channel, and all around the
weather buoy. Muskies have been caught along the Canadian shoreline
from the mouth of the Detroit River up to the Thames River. The
firearms deer season got off to a slow start with rain pounding the
area on opening day.

Lakeside Fishing Shops (586) 777-7003, (586) 468-9913.

Lake Orion

A fair number of panfish are hitting on Stringy and Orion lakes,
but very few anglers are getting after them. The firearms opener
was wet, but a few hunters reported success.

Hook Line & Sinker (248) 814-9216

Trenton Area

In the Huron River, a few steelhead can still be found. In the
Detroit River, walleye and perch fishing have really picked up with
bigger numbers and sizes being reported. Perch and walleye have
been caught in areas around Sugar Island, Celeron Island, and the
Banana Dyke areas on minnows or crawlers. Walleyes have been caught
in the Trenton Channel by jigging.

Bottom Line Bait & Tackle (734) 379-9762.

Trenton Lighthouse (734) 675-7080.

Horse Island Tackle (734) 692-9839.

Luna Pier Area

In Lake Erie, fishing has been slow due to the recent heavy
winds. Light numbers of perch have been caught. Rain pounded
hunters on the firearms opener.

Luna Pier Harbour Club (734) 848-8777.

St. Joseph Area

Fishing has been slow around St. Joseph. Pier anglers have
caught a few steelhead in Lake Michigan. On the St. Joe River near
Berrien Springs, anglers continue to have good catches of
steelhead. Both shore and boat anglers are doing well using spawn.
Most of the salmon are gone, but a few have been caught on spoons.
An occasional trout has been caught, as well. On Paw Paw Lake,
fishing pressure is low. Northern pike are biting well. Anglers
should target the deeper waters. Trolled artificial lures seem to
work the best. Panfish fishing and walleye fishing have been slow.
The firearms opener was wet, rainy, and extremely slow.

B.J. Sports (269) 429-8271.

Holland Area

In Holland, fishing has been slow due to the recent strong
winds. Shore anglers have caught light numbers of steelhead off the
surf in Lake Michigan by using spawn. In Lake Macatawa, plenty of
bluegills have been caught. Walleye anglers have had no luck
lately. Heavy rain put a damper on the firearms deer opener.

American Tackle Outfitters (616) 392-6688.

Saginaw Bay Area

In Saginaw Bay, perch fishing is picking up. Anglers fishing
near Pinconning have had some nice catches in 15 feet of water on
minnows. In the Saginaw River, walleye fishing is starting to pick
up. The few that have been caught have been taken while casting
crankbaits or by jigging. Wet, rainy, windy weather put a real
damper on the firearms deer opener.

Franks Great Outdoors (989) 697-5341.

Hoyles Marina (989) 697-4415.

Lansing Area

On the Grand River near Lansing, crappies have been hitting
well. Minnows seem to be the bait of choice. There have been no
salmon to speak of since the chinook only made it as far as Lyons
this year. Channel catfish have been caught below the North Lansing
Dam and the Moore’s Park Dam. There have been plenty catches of
bluegills, walleyes, and northern pike around local inland lakes.
Drizzle and wind kept some hunters at bay.

Grand River Bait & Tackle (517) 482-4461.

Muskegon Area

Boat anglers on Lake Michigan are catching steelhead 25 feet
down in waters 90 to 100 feet deep. The bait of choice seems to be
orange-colored spoons or crankbaits. Pier anglers have been
catching steelhead off the breakwalls on spawn bags. In the
Muskegon River, steelhead have been caught in the mouth on spawn
bags or crankbaits in the deeper holes. In Muskegon Lake, bluegills
have been hitting in 12 to 22 feet of water on wax worms. The
firearms season got off to a slow start, but snow on the second day
of the hunt improved the action.

Angler Archer (231) 744-5992.

Ludington Area

In Ludington, pier anglers on Lake Michigan are catching
steelhead off the break water and surf by using spawn bags. No
action has been reported in any of the area rivers or inland lakes.
Wind and rain made for a slow start to the firearms deer season. A
handful of deer were taken, most at midday.

Pere Marquette Sport Center (231) 843-8676

Port Huron

In the St. Clair River, anglers have caught walleyes from the
Blue Water Bridge down to Marysville. Pier anglers are having luck
using crankbaits, while boat anglers have had success hand-lining.
Light numbers of salmon have been caught, as well. The firearms
deer opener was a wash with windy, wet weather hampering

Anderson’s Pro Bait (810) 984-3232


Indian River

Perch and walleye fishing have been excellent on Burt Lake, but
very few anglers are venturing out. The bait of choice has been
minnows. Steady rain and high winds made for a slow firearms deer

Northland Sports Co. (231) 238-9382

Traverse City Area

Whitefish are hitting in West Grand Traverse Bay. Swedish
pimples have been the bait of choice. Perch have been abundant in
both bays. In East Bay, perch have been caught from Yuba to
Deepwater Point on minnows and wigglers. In West Bay, perch are
being caught from M-72 to the mouth of the Boardman River. Suttons
Bay has been producing plenty of perch, as well. In Lake Leelanau,
perch and walleye fishing have been good. Steelhead and chinook
have been caught in the Boardman River on spawn and flies. Rainy
weather put a damper on the firearms deer opener.

Wilderness Guiding Services,

Manistee Area

Fishing on the Pere Marquette River, Manistee River, and Betsie
River has been slow. The salmon runs are over, but recent rains
should help bring some steelhead into the rivers. Pier and surf
fishing for steelhead have been heating up in the area. Some
whitefish have been taken off the piers. Wet weather made for a
slow firearms deer opener.

Insta-Launch Marina (231) 723-7718.

Kalkaska Area

An occasional steelhead is being caught in local streams, but
overall, fishing pressure has been very light. The firearms opener
was decent, falling under cool temperatures and cloudy skies.

Jack’s Sport Shop (231) 258-8892.

Beulah Area

Fishing has been slow around Beulah. A fair perch bite has been
reported in Glen Lake and Crystal Lake. On Long Lake and Platte
Lake, walleyes have been caught. Plenty of bluegills can be found
on Portage Lake. The firearms deer opener was slow with rain
keeping some hunters out of the woods.

Bud’s in Honor (231) 325-3891

Hubbard Lake

Fishing has been very light on Hubbard Lake with high winds
keeping anglers off the water. Hunting pressure was light on the
firearms deer opener. Wind and rain made for a slow day in the

Side Door Bait and Tackle (989) 736-6418

Higgins Lake Area

A fair number of brown trout are hitting on Higgins Lake, but
angler pressure is very light. The best bite has been on minnows
fished over deep-water drop-offs. Wet weather and cool temperatures
resulted in a slow firearms deer opener.

Higgins Lake Sport & Tackle (989) 821-9517.

Phoenix Party and Bait Store (989) 821-7220.

Alpena Area

Near Alpena, whitefish have just started to come into Thunder
Bay. In the Thunder Bay River, steelhead and brown trout have been
caught at the Ninth Street Dam on spawn bags. Bass fishing has been
good on Long Lake, Grand Lake, and the upper part of the Thunder
Bay River. Rain and wind resulted in a slow opener for hunters
participating in the firearms deer season.

Clem’s Live Bait & Tackle (989) 354-2070.

Oscoda Area

Pier anglers are starting to catch whitefish in Lake Huron off
the pier heads on wax worms. Steelhead have been caught off the
piers on spawn bags. In the Au Sable River, steelhead have been
caught on the lower stretch of the river. Fishing has been slow on
most inland lakes. A few perch have been caught in Van Ettan Lake
on minnows. Wind and rain resulted in a nasty opener for the
firearms deer season.

Wellman’s Sport Center (989) 739-2869.

Tawas Area

Whitefish are hitting in Lake Huron, with good numbers being
caught in the marina. The best time to catch them has been in
low-light using teardrop jigs with wax worms suspended under
lighted bobbers. Although the number of fish has been low, it
should improve by month’s end. Walleyes have been caught off the
marina docks. Light numbers of steelhead have been caught in the
Tawas River. Cooler weather should increase the number of steelhead
in the river. Deer hunters were greeted with rain and high winds
for the firearms deer opener.

All Season Sporting Goods (989) 362-4512.


Pickford Area

Muskie and pike fishing are peaking in Munuscong Bay. Anglers
report very good success fishing large crankbaits in the main
channel. Walleye anglers are taking good numbers of fish from the
same area while trolling and drifting crawler harnesses and bottom
bouncers. The firearms opener got off to a pretty good start. Deer
numbers are down, but a few hunters still managed to tag decent
bucks under cool temperatures and cloudy skies.

Wilderness Treasures (906) 647-4002.

Drummond Island Area

The firearms opener was slow around Drummond Island with high
winds and light rain hampering success. High winds also have shut
down perch fishing, which had been hot in both Scotts and Maxton
bays. In De Tour, salmon have been caught in the Harbor Marina by
casting cranks.

Johnson’s Sport Shop (906) 493-6300.

Grand Marais Area

On the Two Hearted River, whitefish have been biting near the
mouth of the river on worms. A few coho and steelhead have been
caught, as well. The firearms deer season got off to a slow start.
High winds hampered success.

Rainbow Lodge (906) 658-3357.

Marquette Area

High winds have kept boat anglers off of Lake Superior. Lake
trout fishing has been slow. On the Dead River, there are reports
of a few salmon still being taken. The firearms opener was slow,
but snow showers on the 16th gave promise to the rest of the

Gander Mountain (906) 226-8300

Escanaba Area

Water temperatures have dropped to below 50 degrees on Lake
Michigan’s Little Bay De Noc and anglers are reporting a good
walleye bite in the evenings. Most are concentrating on the head of
the bay. Try trolling the reefs and working the weedlines near
Center Reef in 10 to 18 feet of water. Northern pike and perch are
hitting, as well.

Bay View Bait & Tackle (906) 786-1488.

BayShore Resort Bait & Tackle (906) 428-2950.

Menominee Area

Walleyes are hitting on the Menominee River near the dam.
Minnows and crawlers have worked best. A few trout and salmon have
been taken, as well. Perch have been caught at the marina. The
firearms deer season got off to a fair start, despite high winds
and heavy rain. Several nice bucks were killed on the opener.

MBK Sport Shop (715) 735-5393.

Martin Creek Sport and Feed (906) 863-4868.

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