2005 schedule for Fishing Has No Boundries (FHNB). A volunteer organization on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Events providing specialized adaptive equipment for people with disabilities. For more info visit www.fhnbinc.org

May 20-22: Lake Chippewa Flowage, Hayward. For more info call

May 20-22: Lake Winnebago, Menomonie Park. For more info call

June 3-5: Fishing Has No Boundaries, fishing event for disabled
anglers in Eagle River. Local guides and volunteers needed. Event
site will be the Eagle River “T-docks” on the Eagle River chain.
Call Wil Campbell, 715-479-9309, or the Eagle River Area Chamber of
Commerce, 800-359-6315, or e-mail at info@eagleriver.org

July 9-10: Lake Mendota, Gov. Nelson State Park. For more info
call 608-833-1281.

Aug. 20-21: Chippewa Valley Event, Holcombe Flowage. For more
info call 715-233-1070.

Aug. 27-28: Lake Winnebago, Lakeside Park. For more info call

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