Sioux Falls, S.D. South Dakota wants to test for chronic wasting disease in deer and elk killed by hunters in three southwestern counties this fall.

“That’s where we’ve had our one positive (case) and where we
have the more close association with Nebraska and Wyoming, where
it’s endemic,” George Vandel, assistant director of the wildlife
division in the Game, Fish and Parks Department, said Monday.

That could mean several hundred animals are tested in the only
part of the state where the disease has been confirmed in a
free-roaming herd, Vandel said. People who receive a license to
hunt elk or deer in Custer, Fall River and part of Pennington
county will be asked by the GF&P to provide the head of any
animal for testing.

Officials are working on a collection system and will notify
hunters of the results of any animal they submit for testing.

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