Madison, Wis. Wisconsin ruffed grouse drumming activity in 2002 was down statewide by about 20 percent from 2001 levels, according to surveys by state DNR wildlife biologists.

There were .75 drums per stop in 2002 vs. .93 in 2001. The
largest decrease was in the southwest part of the state. Officials
say the results are in line with the 10-year ruffed grouse cycle,
which peaked in 1999.

The ruffed grouse season runs this year in Wisconsin from Sept.
14 through Dec. 31 in Zone A, Sept. 14 through Jan. 31 in Zone B,
and Oct. 19 through Dec. 8 in Zone C. The daily bag is five in
zones A and B and two in Zone C. The possession limit is twice the
daily bag limit.

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