The few anglers going out are finding crappies to be most
active. These fish are suspended over 25 to 35 feet of water in the
Buck Point area. Walleye reports are very limited.

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Lake Tetonka is producing good-sized perch over deep water. Look
to Madison Lake and Lake Lura for the area’s best walleye action.
Lake Washington is a safe bet for panfish in 15 to 20 feet of
water. The Minnesota and Blue Earth rivers have given up enough
walleyes to keep anglers interested as well. Deer harvest numbers
were down from what was expected. Many hunters blame the warm
weather and full moon for the lack of deer movement.

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The central and south-central regions of the state are providing
better pheasant hunting reports so far this season. Duck and goose
numbers appear to be strong throughout the state at the present
time. Anglers are finding a few walleyes, salmon, and northern pike
on Lake Oahe this week. Better reports have come from the
Pierre/Fort Pierre area of Lake Sharpe, where limits of walleyes
have been common.

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Anglers fishing from shore on the north end of Long Tom Lake are
finding some good-sized perch. Small jigs and minnows have worked
best here. On Big Stone Lake, there are a few walleyes biting after
dark near town. Deer registrations are about the same as last year.
Waterfowl hunters are finding numbers of ducks and geese in the
area, with quite a few northern birds mixed in.

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There are just a few people fishing, but a jig-and-minnow combo
will get you walleyes on Long Lake and Fish Hook Lake. Most hunters
took a break from waterfowling and headed to their deer stands, but
there are a few birds in the area. Deer hunters did well,
especially those shooting antlerless deer, as many management tags
were available.

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The dam area and Head of the Lakes area on the Mississippi River
have produced numbers of sauger and walleyes. Jigs tipped with
minnows are producing the majority of fish. Look to the wing dams
to be holding bigger pods of fish. There have been approximately 60
deer registered with a few big bucks mixed in.

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Lake Koronis continues to give up walleyes in 30 to 60 feet of
water. Pearl Lake is also providing consistent walleye action in 15
to 17 feet of water. Duck numbers have dwindled, but deer hunters
have done very well in this area. More than 300 deer have been
brought in so far, with several bucks weighing more than 200

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The walleye fishing on Lake Minnewaska has been excellent on the
hard-bottomed points in 12 to 14 feet of water. Limits of fish have
been common on jigs and minnows. There have been 272 deer
registered, which was good compared to past years. The largest buck
was a 277-pound, 10-pointer.

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The Prescott and Bayport areas of the St. Croix River are
producing walleyes in less than five feet of water. The best bite
has taken place during low-light periods of the day on jigs and
minnows. Deer hunters did very well in this area as more than 120
deer were registered. Among them were a big 14-pointer and several
10- and 12-point bucks.

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Deer registrations are way down with just more than 140 deer
registered as of Tuesday. Traditonally, there are that many deer
registered by Sunday morning. Despite the fall-off in numbers,
there were several big bucks with heavy racks registered. Quite a
few bucks in the 200-pound class have been taken in the area.

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Green Lake is producing walleyes in 40 to 60 feet of water on
jigs and minnows. There also have been walleyes coming from the 10-
to 12-foot weed edges that remain. Walleyes are also hitting on
Lake Florida and Lake Andrew as well. Deer registrations were very
good, with numbers of 8- and 10-pointers brought in.

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