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Adirondacks Fishing Reports

Adirondacks Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Not hearing a lot on the fishing front now that the archery deer season has kicked off in the Northern Zone and the early bear season opened last month. But it’s a great time to take some final shots on the West Branch of the Ausable River, where stripping streamers can yield a big, colorful brown trout. Lake Champlain bass and trout fishing can also be productive, too.

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Capital District Fishing Reports

Capital District Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Fishing pressure has dropped off and will continue to do so now that the Northern Zone archery deer season has opened and the muzzleloader and regular seasons are approaching. But it’s a great time to hit Lake George, Great Sacandaga Lake, Saratoga Lake and trout waters like the Battenkill and Mettawee.

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Catskills Fishing Reports

Catskills Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Beaverkill and Willowemoc: Flows were still low, and as a result the fishing has been slow.

Delaware East Branch: Low, but water temps were not a problem all the way down to Hancock. 

Delaware West Branch: Some color was starting to show due to the low reservoir level in Cannonsville.  Hatches were a mix of Olives with a few Caddis and Isos. Fish can be very picky when feeding on Olives.  

Esopus: Was back to a normal flow and fishable.  

Neversink: Low water, but temps are no longer an issue. Cloudy weather brings out the best hatches.  

Delaware Main Stem: Water temps were fine, with late-day hatches of Caddis, small BWOs and some Isonychias.

Catskil Flies

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Central New York Fishing Reports

Central New York Fishing Report - September 18th, 2015

Lake Ontario: Chinook salmon fishing has picked up some as fish are starting to make their way to river mouths. Salmon were found in 80 to 200 feet of water with cut-bait, j-plugs, spoons and flashers and flies all yielding fish.

Oneida Lake: Walleye fishing continues to be slow on the lake, which may be due to the young of the year gizzard shad finally getting big enough for the walleye to start feeding on. A few walleye were still being taken in 30 to 40 feet of water by anglers using blade baits or jigs. Smallmouth and largemouth bass were also taking advantage of the gizzard shad, and schooling activity was being reported. 

Oswego River: Should be some early arriving salmon in the river. Look for smallmouth bass with tube baits or crayfish. 

Salmon River: A few salmon have been reported in the lower river and things should only heat up from here.

Sodus and Irondequoit bays: Anglers continued to catch bass in and around the weedbeds. Try spinnerbaits, topwaters and plastics.

Sandy Pond: Weed growth makes for tough fishing. For bass try spinnerbaits or weedless frogs.

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Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Reports

Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Cayuga Lake: Lake trout fishing continued to be good for both anglers trolling and vertical jigging. Trolling 80 to 110 feet down in 100 to 150 feet of water, with spoons or flasher and flies, continued to produce lakers. Vertical jigging with plastics in 75 to 115 feet of water also was yielding dish. If looking for Atlantic salmon or brown trout, try trolling 40 to 60 feet down.

Seneca Lake: Lake trout are being taken by anglers trolling 80 to 120 feet down over 100 to 200 feet of water. Vertical jigging was producing lake trout in 75 to 110 feet of water.

Canandaigua Lake: Lakers were being taken by anglers trolling 55 to 90 feet down over 100 to 125 feet of water.

Keuka Lake: Trolling spoons or flasher and flies down 60 to 135 feet over 80 to 170 feet of water was working for lake trout.

Owasco Lake: Lake trout were being taken by anglers vertical jigging in 65 to 85 feet of water in the north end of the lake, and also by anglers trolling spoons or flasher and flies 70 feet down over 100 to 135 feet of water. A few rainbow trout were also being taken by anglers trolling; water fleas were still a bit of a headache.

Otisco Lake: The lake level was down a couple of feet so use caution when boating near shore. Largemouth bass were hitting south of the narrows around the big weedbeds. Try tube baits in the weeds and spinnerbaits or chatterbaits over them. Tiger musky were still being caught by anglers fishing in 5 to 10 feet of water casting spinnerbaits, large in-line spinners or chatterbaits.

Skaneateles Lake: Anglers fishing from 10 to 35 feet of water were still getting smallmouth bass on tube jigs and drop-shot rigs. Trout were being taken 50 to 60 feet down over 120 to 200 feet of water on small spoons.

Susquehanna, Chenango, Tioughnioga and Unadilla rivers: Look for walleye in the deeper holes with crankbaits or jigs and try tube jigs for the bass.

Whitney Point Reservoir: For walleye, try jigging a bucktail jig tipped with nightcrawler or trolling worm harnesses in the old river channel. Look for bass along shore with crankbaits or tube jigs.

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Long Island/NYC Fishing Reports

Long Island/NYC Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Offshore fishing remained excellent during this report period for tuna, groundfish and sharks. There was a tremendous amount of life offshore, including whales, turtles and schools of cownose rays. Yellowfin to 25 pounds, skipjack to 15 pounds and false albacore to 12 pounds were caught along the 30-fathom line near the Bacardi wreck, where massive amounts of sand eels were blanketing the middle two-thirds of the water column. The best fishing occurred under the birds with diamond jigs, tins and flies all accounting for a mix of tuna. Anglers fishing chunks also did well. When the fish were scattered, trolling plastics also caught tuna. With the surface temperatures wells into the 70s degrees late last month, expect the tuna to hang around as long as the sand eels stay put.

Further offshore at the Texas Tower to the Hudson Canyon and The Dip, bigeye tuna to 250 pounds, yellowfins to 60 pounds, longfin to 40 pounds and mahi were caught during the early mornings and late afternoons while trolling plastics.  The best bite was at night for anglers fishing chunks.  

Sharks were reported as close as 8 miles from the beach and out to The Canyons. Brown sharks, makos and blue sharks were caught along temperature breaks, changes in bottom contours, wrecks and any other offshore structure. A few sightings of white sharks and tiger sharks were reported. There were as many sharks caught this report period as at any other time this season. Anglers reported that a can of chum hung over the side of their boat on or near any structure attracted a mix of sharks. Many tuna anglers were reporting sharks attacking hooked tuna.

A fair amount of cod to 10 pounds were reported on the deeper offshore wrecks, and on the reefs off Montauk Point, such as Cox’s Ledge. A few cod were reported in New York Bight. Ling and conger eels were mixed in with the cod. A lot of cod were being reported to the north. These fish should work their way south as the ocean bottom cools.

The fluke season closed Sept. 21, with excellent offshore fishing and good inshore fishing reported. The ocean fluke were typically just keeper size to 8 pounds in New York Bight.  Fluke to 10 pounds were common from Moriches Inlet and east to Montauk Point. In general the fluke fishing in the Sound was slow. The fluke fishing in the South Shore bays was good, with most fish just short of keeper size. Spearing and squid combos, bucktails and fluke balls were all consistent producers. A lot of sea robins were mixed in with the fluke.

The sea bass fishing continued to be excellent on the wrecks and reefs in 60 feet of water and deeper, with clams the top bait and squid strips a close second. The largest sea bass continued to be reported from Block Island Sound, with 4- to 5-pound sea bass common. Large porgies were mixed in with the sea bass, especially on the artificial reefs in 60 to 70 feet of water. 

The best porgy fishing was in the Sound from Port Jefferson east to Orient Point and off the north side of Montauk Point, with fish to 3.5 pounds common. The porgy fishing in Gardiners Bay and The Peconics was good. Good porgy fishing was also reported in the western Sound.  A fair amount of porgies were reported in New York Bight. Clams were the top bait in all areas.

The blackfish season opens on Oct. 5, and based on reports of fish being caught and released by anglers targeting sea bass opening day should be productive for large blackfish.

Overall, the striped bass and bluefishing was slow. Stripers to 20 pounds were reported off Montauk Point, as were bluefish to 10 pounds, but in general you had to work to catch a limit of stripers. This will improve as the water temperature cools.

A few small stripers and blues were being reported in the South Shore surf, especially around the inlets at night into first light, but the fall run had not yet begun. Bunker chunks were the best producer at night, with poppers and tins productive at first light. The striped bass fishing in the Sound was slow. The bluefish action in the Sound was good to very good for anglers fishing bunker chunks on the bottom or tossing plugs and flies at first light or at dusk. A few bonito were mixed in with the bluefish.

Guy Zummo

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Southeastern New York Fishing Reports

Southeastern New York Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Not hearing a lot on the fishing front, and we expect that to be the case for a while with the archery deer season now open.

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Thousand Islands Fishing Reports

Thousand Island Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

St. Lawrence River: Fishing has been good, for smallmouth bass using tubes and live bait (crayfish and minnows); for walleye in low-light conditions; and for northern pike in the weeds.

Black Lake: Most of the focus has switched from the water to the woods, with the Northern Zone bear season and the archery deer season now open.

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Western New York Fishing Reports

Western New York Fishing Report - October 2nd, 2015

Lake Ontario and tributaries: More salmon should be coming into the lake’s tributaries, but some rain would help kickstart the run. Pier casters and Olcott Harbor trollers in small boats took advantage of a few fish casting spoons, drifting egg skein or trolling large Rapala-type body baits – from the piers up further into the creek. A few browns did make it up to the dam as well. Some of the charter boats were putting away their boats for the season, but there were some fish to be had as they staged outside the creek and river mouths closer to the shoreline. J-plugs, cut bait and flasher-fly combos were good bets to get a salmon to hit, taking advantage of a king’s aggressive actions this time of year. Brown trout and steelhead are also moving in closer to shore as well. Remember that lake trout season closed Sept. 30.

Lake Erie and tributaries: The perch bite has been hit or miss, but if you can find them you can do well based on some recent limits that came off the lake. Start in around 60 feet of water and work out deeper, keeping an eye on your fish finder. Speaking of perch, the 5th Annual Rich Brauer/DB Memorial Perch Tournament is being run by Brauer’s Fishing Club out of the Pendleton Tavern on Oct. 10 from midnight to 6 pm. To find out all of the details, contact Eric at 698-4505. Walleye fishing has been slowing down but you can still catch fish between 70 and 90 feet of water between Cattaraugus and Dunkirk on worm harnesses or stickbaits. Off Sturgeon Point, 70 feet of water has been a magic number. A few have been taken around Myers Reef as well. Bass were available a bit shallower now. Try focusing in 20 to 35 feet of water around structure. Tubes, drop-shot rigs with live bait or live bait off a three-way rig will catch fish if they are feeding.

Upper Niagara River: Bass action continued to offer the most consistent fishing above Niagara Falls, with some of the better areas being around Strawberry Island and at the head of the river. Live bait like crayfish and shiners will work, but so will artificials like tube jigs. Live bait usually produces a mix of other fish like sheepshead. Worm harnesses will do the same and give you a shot at a walleye.

Lower Niagara River: Some salmon were reported off the NYPA Fishing Platform near the No. 1 Generator where the turbulence is in the corner. In Devil’s Hole, a few small jacks have been reported, along with the occasional steelhead, and the better part of the run could happen at any time. Drifting egg skein treated with Pautzke cure is the preferred method, but some boats will also try drifting large Kwikfish off three-way rigs to antagonize a fish to hit. Off the platform and from shore, use spoons or rattlebaits. Bass fishing in the river continued to be tough. Your best bet is to wait for a lake rollover and then target the mouth of the river with live bait like crayfish or shiners. Walleye action has slowed down (it usually does when the salmon start migrating up the river) but you could still try to target a fish or two by drifting a worm harness on the Niagara Bar at the mouth of the river or along drifts like Stella Niagara, Peggy’s Eddy or Artpark.

Chautauqua Lake: Largemouth bass were being caught off Warner’s Bar in 12 to 20 feet of water; smallmouth bass off Lakewood Bar in 8 to 10 feet of water, according to local guide Craig Robbins. A good panfish bite has started off Bemus Point on the outside weed edge in seven feet of water.

Orleans County: There were some salmon scattered throughout Oak Orchard Creek but not in any great numbers at last check. Fishermen were picking both chinooks and brown trout off the piers at the point by casting weighted spoons and plugs. Those working the shoreline from boats were getting fish with J-plugs, stick baits and some flasher/fly combinations. The most action was coming early morning and late evening. No solid reports yet on the fishing in Johnson, Marsh or Sandy creeks but trout and salmon should be showing up in all three tributaries. The St. Mary’s Archers Club Catch and Release Derby is set for Oct. 21-23. Your entry fee includes parking and some of the best meals you’ll ever enjoy. Also on The Oak, bass and northern pike were still being taken but perch fishing has been slow. On Lake Alice, bluegill and crappie were still being taken from the Waterport Bridge for those who are persistent, Bass were everywhere in the lake.

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