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Adirondacks Fishing Reports

Adirondacks Fishing Report - November 28th, 2014

Deer hunters were making their final regular season push for a whitetail buck, while anglers awaited the first ice of the season.

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Capital District Fishing Reports

Capital District Fishing Report - December 12th, 2014

Not hearing anything on the fishing front, and that will likely be the case until the hard-water season arrives.

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Catskills Fishing Reports

Catskills Fishing Report - DEcember 12th, 2014

Willowemoc and Beaverkill: Both rivers are fishable but abnormally low for this time of year. There were still a few Olives and midges but mostly sub-surface is the way to fish.   
Delaware West Branch: Sections where there is shared border water are open for fishing. The upper section is closed to fishing. Hatches have been spotty, with some Olives and the river has fished slowly this fall.  
Delaware Main Stem: Water levels were good at last check. Nymphs and streamers would be a good choice at this time of year. Some Olives were about in the afternoons. 
Neversink: Closed until spring.
Delaware East Branch: Closed above Shinnople. It is lower than normal and clear. The lower river was at a good nymphing level. 
Esopus: Closed to fishing effective Nov. 30.

Catskil Flies

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Central New York Fishing Reports

Central New York Fishing Report - December 12th, 2014

Very little new information to report, and this trend will continue until we get some ice.

Lake Ontario: Steelhead and brown trout were being taken in the tributaries, with egg sacs, egg pattern flies and Woolly Buggers working. Flows were still relatively low at last look so using lighter line and less weight can help.

Oneida Lake: The docks have been pulled from the South Shore launch. The shore walleye bite was winding down but when conditions allow anglers were still getting them on stick baits.

Oswego River: Anglers were getting some nice brown trout and steelhead on the river. Good baits have been egg sacs, trout beads and white jigs.
Remember, the bridge to Leto Island is closed, and there are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river.

Salmon River:  Though steelhead are scattered throughout the river, most of the activity has been taking place in the upper river with the higher flows. Steelhead were still being a bit finicky, though, so it will take some work, patience and moving around to catch one. Good baits for the steelhead have been egg sacs, streamers, Woolly Buggers, stoneflies and egg-imitating flies and plastics.

Irondequoit Bay: Nothing to report.

Sodus Bay: Yellow perch were being taken in the deeper areas of the bay on small minnows.

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Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Reports

Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Report - DEcember 12th, 2014

Cayuga Lake: No report during the height of deer season, where most of the attention was focused.

Seneca Lake: Anglers fishing from shore at Sampson State Park were getting yellow perch

Skaneateles Lake: The DEC launch was closed for the season.

Susquehanna, Chenango, Tioughnioga and Unadilla rivers: Walleye may be an option if you climb down out of your treestand.

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Long Island/NYC Fishing Reports

Long Island/NYC Fishing Report - December 12th, 2014

Most boats are now out of the water for the winter season, so the majority of anglers have switched over to fishing on open and charter boats or from the surf. Anglers who still have their boat in the water primarily targeted stripers, sea bass and blackfish during this report period.

The striper fishing along the South Shore has been predominantly by anglers trolling bunker spoons and umbrella rigs on wireline in 25 to 40 feet of water. The bunker spoon action has begun to slow as the schools of bunker have thinned out as they are working their way south.  But when the bunker spoons produced, the fish were typically from just keeper sized to 30-pound class stripers. With the dropping water temperatures more sand eels have begun to show and the action on the umbrella rigs has improved, but the majority of the fish were schoolies.  Only a few bluefish were mixed in with the stripers.

Along the South Shore surf the best striper fishing was on swimming plugs during the night tides, but the fishing remained spotty at best.  Anglers working first light also did well on stripers and blues on poppers and tins. A few anglers were fishing bunker chunks, but plugs were the better choice.  

Boats clam chumming the South Shore inlet bars during the outgoing tide continued to do well. A few fish in the 20-pound class were reported, but most fish ranged from 8 to 12 pounds, which is typical for this type of fishery for this time of the season.

Some of the best striper action was reported in the bays and harbors along both sides of the western Long Island Sound, which have yielded a good number of schoolie stripers, with a few just breaking the 28-inch mark. Most of this action has been at night on small swimming plugs and spearing/sand eel style flies. Depending on the weather, these stripers will stay in the back of the harbors where the water is warmer than in the deeper parts of the Sound until late December. Then a fair number of these stripers will move into the deeper water to winter over. The bunker have largely moved out of the Sound.

The striper and bluefish action off Montauk has slowed from both the surf and boat as the fish are moving their way westward. There have been reports of a few large stripers caught off Cape Cod, so if the herring show up in good numbers there will still be a shot at a few large bass before the season closes on Dec. 15.

The sea bass fishing remained strong on the wrecks and reefs in 60 feet of water and deeper, in Block Island Sound and around Montauk Point. On the wrecks deeper than about 90 feet of water, a good number of codfish were reported – some well into the 20-pound class. If the sand eels settle in for the winter the codfish will stay local and hopefully the fishing will materialize as it did during the winter before last. There are a lot of sea bass in shallower water, but they are nearly all small.

The blackfishing remained strong off Orient Point and Fisher’s Island, with numerous fish in the 5- to 8-pound class reported. Smaller blackfish were reported on the inshore grounds and in the Sound. The larger blackfish have been moving toward deeper water in the Sound and to the South Shore wrecks deeper than 60 feet, which have been the prime fishing grounds for open boats running full-day trips. Crabs remained the prime blackfish bait.

Some of the open boats are now running long-range blackfish and cod trips. These trips often target less frequented wrecks 80 or more miles from shore. Only a few boats reported on these trips, but the fishing was excellent.

The freshwater scene was quiet with the exception for some late fall trout fishing in the stocked lakes and streams where the fishing has been quite good for browns and rainbows.  Mepps spinners, worms and streamer flies have all worked equally well.

The pheasant season is in full swing, with good hunting reported from the Rocky Point Preserve.

Guy Zummo 

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Southeastern New York Fishing Reports

Southeastern New York Fishing Report - December 12th, 2014

Deer hunters are literally taking their last shots, but nothing to report on the fishing scene right now as most sportsmen and women were busy pursuing whitetails.

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Thousand Islands Fishing Reports

Thousand Island Fishing Report - December 12th, 2014

St. Lawrence River: Muskie season comes to a close Dec. 15. After that, it’s the waiting game for safe ice.

Black Lake: Not much to report now until safe ice arrives.

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Western New York Fishing Reports

Western New York Fishing Report - December 12th, 2014

Lake Ontario and tributaries: A warm spell helped the local fishing off Lake Ontario at bit, but that may have changed by now. The piers were ice-free at Wilson and Olcott and casting spoons or spinners was producing some trout when the wind wasn’t too bad. Other fishing action for trout has been good in Eighteen Mile Creek toward Burt Dam, with a few salmon still hanging around. 

Lake Erie and tributaries: After the record snowfall in some areas of Erie County, you may have to wait a bit longer for streams to come down from flood stage in certain areas. The first to come down and become fishable should be the Chautauqua County streams – they did not receive as much snow so things could be looking good by now. 

Upper Niagara River: If you are a muskie fisherman, remember that the statewide season for most waters ended Nov. 30, with a few exceptions. The deadline for the Lower Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is Dec. 15 – giving you an extra couple more days to chase these elusive fish. Water has been like chocolate milk since the big storm in Buffalo.

Lower Niagara River: The Niagara River has not seen any fishing action in a week from boats, with some limited opportunities from shore. The shore guys will actually see fishing first as the waters slowly clear up from the shoreline out, but the lower river waters continued to be pretty darn muddy thanks to winds and excessive run-off from above. Muskie season continues through Dec. 15 in the Lower Niagara.

Chautauqua Lake: The season is all but over on the lake, with the exception of a few diehard muskie fishermen. The season ends on Nov. 30. 

Orleans County: With the closing of the regular bass season Lake Alice seems to be fairly quiet, with bluegills and crappie being less than cooperative. With the de-watering process of the Erie Canal completed and very little precipitation in the forecast, flows in the tributaries within Orleans County should remain on the low side. Fishing pressure should also be low during the deer hunting season. Oak Orchard River is giving up brown and rainbow/steelhead trout in marginal numbers from the Waterport Dam all the way to The Point. Perch and northern pike fishing was good in the shallows (10 to 12 feet of water).

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