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Adirondacks Fishing Reports

Adirondacks Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

Lake Champlain was yielding a few perch of late, but the smelt fishery is virtually nonexistent again, a product of the arrival of alewives. Schroon Lake was producing a few smelt and the occasional laker or landlock, but the going was tough once you got off the truck tracks. Most of the region’s waters have plenty of ice, but travel is difficult in the snow and slush. It can make for an arduous day just to get out there and set up.

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Capital District Fishing Reports

Capital District Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

Great Sacandaga Lake was yielding some good pike, a few walleye and perch before the pike and walleye seasons closed. Remember, shanties should have been removed from the ice by March 15. Plenty of ice still but keep an eye on changing conditions.

On Lake George, lakers remained a top target, as well as perch, for those venturing out.

Saratoga Lake had plenty of ice, and with walleye and pike season ended it’s time to focus on bluegill, perch and crappie.

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Catskills Fishing Reports

Catskills Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015l

Not much happening, and the April 1 trout opener could be ceremonial at best.

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Central New York Fishing Reports

Central New York Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

Lake Ontario: Nothing to report.

Oneida Lake: Tough travel on the ice has made it tough to get a read on the fishing of late.

Oswego River: Few anglers have been out. But that could change with the slow arrival of spring-like weather.

Salmon River:  Not hearing much of late but fishing activity should pick up soon with the warmer weather.

Irondequoit Bay: A few bluegill and the largemouth were being taken. Keep an eye on ice conditions.

Sodus Bay: Ice anglers were picking up some perch in sloppy conditions.

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Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Reports

Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

Cayuga Lake: Much of Cayuga Lake was frozen over, which is extremely rare for this second largest Finger Lake. Normally only the north and south ends freeze over. Travel on the ice had improved some from last week but it continued to be difficult with the snow and slush. 

Seneca Lake: Not hearing enough to generate a fishing report.

Canandaigua Lake: Anglers getting out to deeper water were catching lake trout jigging with spoons or plastics. Keep an eye on ice conditions now.

Keuka Lake: Anglers fishing near the Keuka Lake State park were getting lake trout jigging in 100 or more feet of water with spoons or plastics. Reports indicated it was the best ice fishing season for lakers in many years, but that could be coming to a slushy end soon.

Owasco Lake: Completely frozen over and anglers were fishing both ends and also around Ensenore Point. Travel has been difficult on the north and south ends due to snow and slush. Anglers fishing for lakers around Ensenore were getting a few, but overall it has been slow.

Skaneateles Lake: The entire lake is frozen over for the second consecutive year. Anglers were fishing both the north and south ends, and where they can get access also the main lake. Some yellow perch and lake trout were being iced, but conditions are deteriorating now with spring making its move.

Susquehanna, Chenango, Tioughnioga and Unadilla rivers: The warmup has left few options for anglers now.
Whitney Point Reservoir: Not hearing anything.

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Long Island/NYC Fishing Reports

Long Island/NYC Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

The freshwater action was better than the saltwater fishing this report period as the small harbors, marinas and canals remained largely frozen over, keeping boats at the dock or in the driveway. Boats that did get out and headed offshore for cod, pollock and ling reported generally slow fishing east of Shinnecock Inlet. This can be largely attributed to the cold ocean water temperatures.  

The boats running out of Moriches Inlet to New York Bight reported better fishing, with cod, ling and pollock good to very good on the offshore wrecks. Most of the cod were shorts to 10-pound fish, with pool fish typically in the 12-pound class.  The best codfishing was reported out of Moriches and Fire Island inlets.  The ling averaged 3 pounds, with 5-pounders filling coolers. The best fishing was reported out of and west of Jones Inlet. Most of the pollock were short in all areas. There were no herring reports of late.

Most of the smaller lakes remained frozen over, with the larger ones ice-free at the outlets. A trip to Southards Pond and the Carlls River revealed that the melting snow has carried a lot of sediment into the pond and river, clouding the water significantly.  Once the water clears the winter trout season should be in full swing.

Anglers who have found open water in the larger lakes and in the Peconic River have done well on largemouth bass, crappies and bluegills. Small spinners, swimming plugs and trout baits have all produced good catches. Ice fishermen have reported good trout, largemouth as well as panfish fishing on the East End lakes.  

Guy Zummo 

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Southeastern New York Fishing Reports

Southeastern New York Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

The New York City reservoir system, at last check, continued to offer ice fishing options, but we’re not hearing much on angler success. And keep an eye on changing conditions now.

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Thousand Islands Fishing Reports

Thousand Island Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

St. Lawrence River: Very slushy ice conditions have frustrated anglers of late, but things could melt and then re-freeze and actually improve things a bit.

Black Lake: Plenty of ice, but plenty of slush, too. Fishing has been slow and anglers aren’t thrilled with the slog to get to their fishing spots. Conditions could improve with a melt and re-freeze.

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Western New York Fishing Reports

Western New York Fishing Report - March 20th, 2015

Lake Ontario and tributaries: The local open-water fishing scene has been tough this winter but with some temperatures finally rising above freezing, look for some open water at Burt Dam and Eighteen Mile Creek to entice some anglers out. Snowmelt and recent rain should help the water color a bit, as well as attract come new fish into the system. 

Lake Erie and tributaries: Mixed reports coming from the ice fishing scene. A DEC press release advised exercising caution for anglers heading out from Sturgeon Point due to pressure cracks and other potential problems. To head to the most popular areas, you need some type of motorized transportation like a snow machine. Mixed reports on success as perch seem to be scattered. One of the better spots has been off Pinehurst in 45-50 feet of water. Hamburg Beach area has been doing pretty good, but remember that the parking there is by permit only. Barcelona Harbor and Buffalo Harbor seem to be the safe bets for hard-water fishing opportunities. The only open water has been off the fish platform in Dunkirk Harbor where a few trout are being caught. Keep an eye on changing conditions and be careful out there.

Upper Niagara River: Not too much has changed from the last few weeks, with ice fishing action around Grand Island or Buffalo Boat Harbor your best option at last look. 

Lower Niagara River: Some favorable conditions were finally being reported in the Lower Niagara River. If you fish the lower Niagara, you will need to adapt to the clear water with lighter line, smaller hooks and smaller baits. That could change a little with the recent rains and runoff. Fish could be found from Devil’s Hole to the Johnson Drift. Beyond that, winds played a role in how and where they fished. Diehard shore fishermen have managed to catch some steelhead in the gorge using float rigs with sacs or beads, according to Capt. Jake Joseph with Jiggin’ Jake’s Charters. 

Chautauqua Lake: The panfish bite was still good off Mayville near the launch ramp and in the southern basin around Grass Island. There was quite a bit of snow on top of the ice but conditions can change quickly this time of year. Use caution.

Orleans County: Nighttime temperatures are still dropping to close to the freezing mark which means the snowmelt will be slower and more manageable. Although most of the tributaries within Orleans County are still ice covered, open water should start appearing very soon. Some fresh steelhead are being taken on Oak Orchard River and more should start moving around over the next few days. On The Oak, both at the bridges area and down by the marinas, some anglers were still ice fishing, with the usual perch, northern pike and once in a while a steelhead being taken. Use caution if you go. Even though there are still some very large snow piles around, the signs of life are appearing in and around the marinas and should be increasing at a steady rate.

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