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Northern Illinois Fishing Reports

Northern Illinois Fishing Report - July 24th, 2015

Chain: Most fish are slower because of the heat. Bluegills have been good in and around shallow shoreline piers or laydowns. Catfish are excellent on nightcrawlers or leeches. Walleye fishing remains good around bridge areas. Crappies are fair in 10-12 feet, with Marie best. White bass are good. Muskies are decent on topwaters mornings or evenings, or try bucktails.

Shabbona: Bass fishing has slowed a bit but they are still being caught. They are being caught on the deeper weedlines, on the bottom around the bases of the standing timber and on the deeper flats. Use larger soft plastic lures. Bass are also being caught using plastic frogs in the weed mats toward evening. Larger bass are being caught using leeches or minnows over rock piles. Walleye fishing is fair but will continue to improve with the hot weather. Walleyes are being caught on the deeper flats, the steeper dropoffs and over the rock piles. Use leeches and minnows for best results. The best walleye fishing is toward evening. Crappies are being caught, suspending over the deeper fish cribs and brush piles. They are also being caught suspending in the deeper standing timber and over the rock piles. Use crappie minnows or smaller jigs such as Mini Mites for best results.

Braidwood: Catfish are good on shrimp and cheesebait. Bluegills very good on waxworms and red worms at Mazonia. Good bass fishing at Mazonia, but clear water can make for tough fishing.

Apple Canyon Lake: Bluegills being caught on waxworms and chunks of worms. Some crappies moving to 10-12 foot water, weigh about a pound and hit minnows. Smallmouth fishing good. Catfish moving to shallows and doing well on dipbait, minnows and nightcrawlers.

DuPage Forest Preserve: Bass slow, as are crappies and walleyes. Pratt Lake slow for catfish.

Heidecke: Walleyes good on crawlers and jigs. Catfish fair, with several reported on stinkbait or crawlers. 

Lake Michigan (Chicago Area): Harbors have been good for panfish, most around weed pockets or on the walls. Salmon good, kings are best, with some steelhead, browns, coho and lakers mixed in. Best action on spoons or big flies. 

At Waukegan, Mostly kings and coho in 40-100 feet, depending on time of day, on spoons, Dodgers or flies. Most of the fish are coming on spoons or bigger flies. Some mornings the action is shallow in 20 feet.

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Central Fishing Illinois Reports

Central Illinois Fishing Report - July 24th, 2015

Banner Marsh: Bass are fair on plastics, spinnerbaits or chatterbaits and fair at East Point Access. Bluegills are slow to fair and small on wax worms. Crappies are fair on minnows or jigs with many yet to spawn.

Newton Lake: Some white bass were reported. Crappies slow. Catfish good on chicken liver and nightcrawlers.

Lake Bloomington: Crappies are fair to slow and suspended in 10-16 feet of water. Walleyes were slow, with the few bites coming on jigs and crawlers or leeches fished off points and breaks. 

Lake Shelbyville: Bass picking up, but heat has slowed action. The crappies also slow, but a few biting on minnows. 

Evergreen Lake: Crappies are moving shallow and biting early and late, but many are small. Evenings are best for keepers in the shallows. Channel catfish are good also, particularly at the mouth of Six Mile Creek Bay, the swim beach, the pump house and off the spillway. 

Clinton Lake: White bass are being caught on sandblasters, twister tails. Crappies are being caught on minnows, jigs, Berkley powers jigs. Some big stripers are being caught in the spillway on lead heads and on big curly tails. 

Coffeen Lake: Bass are good on topwater baits, crankbaits and plastics. Bluegills are fair on wax worms and fairly shallow. Catfish are good on dip baits, crawlers and cut bait, with some big flatheads being landed. Stripers are fair on deep running crankbaits.

Lake Springfield: Crappie bite picking up on minnows. Bass slow. Channel cats being taken on shad. Some large flatheads being caught at night on leeches and cut shad. Crappies have been good on jigs fished in or near hot water area, with many small ones. White and yellow bass are good on jigs and bladebaits in or near warm water areas. 

Sangchris Lake: Crappie bite picking up on medium-size minnows. Bass slow. Catfish fair. 

Forbes Lake: Catfish being caught on nightcrawlers in shallows and along weedlines. 

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Southern Illinois Fishing Reports

Southern Illinois Fishing Report - July 24th, 2015

Devils’ Kitchen: Bluegill action has picked up during the past week. However, anglers are reporting most fish are running small.

Crab Orchard Lake: Catfish are the best bet. Anglers are taking good numbers of fish on stinkbaits, cut baits and leeches. Crappies have slowed down. Fish have moved into 7-9 feet over brush. Minnows and jigs are both effective. Bluegills are being caught in good numbers on a variety of baits. Bass action remains spotty.

Horseshoe Lake: Catfish remain the best bet. Anglers are catching fish throughout the lake, drift-fishing nightcrawlers off the bottom. Bluegills, crappies and bass are slow.

Carlyle Lake: Catfish taking shrimp, leeches, cut shad and shad guts off flooded trees. White bass hitting tube jigs and twister tails. Crappies slowing but biting on minnows, jigs, tube jigs by Hazlet State Park. Sauger hit and miss, if they can be found. Bluegill fishing is fair on worms. Carp spawning in shallows.

Pinckneyville Lake: Bluegills are biting on worms in 8 to 10 feet of water. Crappies slow. Catfish fair on worms, liver and stinkbaits.

Kinkaid Lake: Fishing has settled into the summer pattern. Anglers are picking up some crappie fishing at night. Some nice fish are being caught, but most are running small. Minnows fished over cover in 10 feet of water or more have been effective. Night fishermen have also been picking up some white bass. Some catfish are being caught, although action has slowed. Stinkbaits, nightcrawlers, chicken liver and leeches are all effective. Bluegills are still being caught, but most fish are running small.

Lake of Egypt: Bass anglers are taking some schooling fish in the mornings and evenings, but the most consistent action has been in deep water off the points. Soft plastics and jigs are the most effective baits. Some bluegill anglers are reporting catching fish in 20-22 feet of water. Crappies are also holding in deep cover.

Little Murphysboro: Fishing has been slow. Catfish are the best bet. Anglers are taking fish on stinkbaits, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and leeches. Some bluegills are being caught, but most are running small.

Little Grassy: Crappie action is still good. Anglers are taking fish on minnows over cover in 15 feet of water. Bluegill action is good in shallow water on crickets. Bass are holding in deep grassy areas. Plastic worms and jigs are the most productive baits. Catfish action has been excellent on nightcrawlers.

Rend Lake: Crappies are being caught over cover in 6-10 feet of water on jigs and minnows. Other anglers are reporting catching fish in shallow water at the Ina marina.  Catfish are being caught in good numbers around rip rap and wing dams on nightcrawlers, cut shad, leeches and stinkbaits. Bass are rated good on soft plastics, Rat-L-Traps, spinnerbaits and crankbaits fished around bridges and rip rap. Other bass are holding around woody cover. Bluegills are good on crickets and meal worms. White bass are also good on jigging spots, in-line spinner and jigs around bridges and rip rap.

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Illinois Rivers Fishing Reports

Illinois Rivers Fishing Report - June 12th, 2015

Rock River (Byron-Dixon): Walleyes best early and late with minnows or minnows with a jig head. Channel cats deep around islands and brush with dip baits, chicken liver, crushed minnows, large shiners, and shrimp with a dead hook. Lots of smaller flatheads biting on bluegills and goldfish and even nightcrawlers. Carp good on homemade dough baits. Drums good on nightcrawlers.

Rock River (Rockford): Crappies good in deep water near fish cribs with minnows; early and late best. Bluegills good on waxworms and red worms under a bobber. Cast near shallow weedlines. Bass fair. Females have completed the spawn and are hitting on shiners. Channel cats good on stinkbait and red worms. Northern pike hitting on walleye minnows. Muskie anglers having luck with gold bucktail, shad rap crankbait and black spinnerbaits.

Mississippi River (Wood River): Bluegills good. Put a waxworm or red wiggler under a bobber and drop it near shallow weedlines. Big channel cats are being taken from the river with shad and skip jack.

Mississippi River (Gladstone): Female channel cats are spawning along the shorelines and biting on nightcrawlers and leeches.

Mississippi River (Belleville): Horseshoe Lake and Frank Holden Lake are producing bass with minnows and wax worms. Stinkbait, nightcrawlers and shad are favorite baits for catfish at Frank Holden.

Ohio River (Metropolis): Channel cats good using bank poles and boats. Best baits are nightcrawlers, shad sides.


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