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From Ely to Winona, Outdoor News covers the local hunting and fishing scene like no other.  We are the “watch dog” for the Minnesota sportsmen. Minnesota hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts rely on Outdoor News to provide the most up-to-date local outdoor information available.

Minnesota’s own Rob Drieslein, Managing Editor, leads a team of local, award-winning writers such as Tim Spielman, Joe Albert, Tom Conroy, Tony Peterson, Shawn Perich and Steve Carney devoted to covering Minnesota outdoors.

Minnesota Outdoor News is part of the Outdoor News family of publications with outdoor newspapers and websites in seven other states.

Founded in 1968, Outdoor News Publishing has been publishing hunting and fishing publications for outdoor enthusiasts for 45 years.

Outdoor News publishes separate outdoor newspapers for hunters and anglers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois.   Each state has its own dedicated website along with our national website outdoornews.com.

Specializing in producing state-specific, local content, every Outdoor News state operates independently and boasts its own editors, writers and sales staff who live, hunt, fish, sell, and write in their respective state. Our editors are trained, award-winning newspaper journalists committed to reporting news related to the outdoors and writing features to help our readers. This focus on quality, local journalism has led to a subscriber renewal rate that exceeds 90% each year and sustained readership growth each and every year.

Our readers are very active in the outdoors and enjoy many activities: 96% hunt and 89% fish. They love reading Outdoor News spending over one hour reading each issue from cover-to-cover.

Company president Rob Drieslein says “We’re here to make you an outdoor expert, and look forward to seeing you join this community of authentic sporting enthusiasts.”

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If you would like to check out a sample edition from one of our states, you can order a copy here: https://www.outdoornews.com/Order-a-Sample-Paper/


Here is what some of our readers say about Outdoor News:

“Out of all the magazines I get, this is the best one. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy Outdoor News; my wife loves it too.” – Richard Hickman

“You have the best outdoors newspaper around. You seem to cover from one end of the state to the other on everything! On every subject too. I don’t know how you could make it better.” – John Parks

An OHIO reader tells us:
“It’s the best & most informative news around.”

From Rick in NEW YORK:
“Enjoy this paper. Find it very helpful on all the lake.  Also news concerning hunting dates, seasons and areas in New York State.”

Ed in PENNSYLVANIA tells it like it is:
“Your paper is better than any hunting magazine. I’ve dropped every magazine I subscribed to.”

From a longtime WISCONSIN subscriber, Glen, who tells us that he has continued the outdoors legacy and now hunts with his grandsons: “Really enjoy your publication.”

Jeff in WISCONSIN values our award-winning editorial staff:
“GREAT JOB. Need more honesty in the media as you have shown.”

Knowing Outdoor News is on the right track was confirmed by – Matt in MINNESOTA:
“Outdoor News is a great resource for Minnesota Sportsmen – you guys cover relevant topics and keep the outdoor community up to date on all issues that are relevant to our lifestyle. Keep up the good work!!”


Here is what some of our advertisers have to say about Outdoor News:

“Rapala and Outdoor News have been partners for over 45 years now. That in itself is a great foundation upon which to build. The people we work with at Outdoor News have been great supporters of Rapala, have been great to work with, and are very flexible.” Kelly Brockpahler, Rapala

“Outdoor News has helped me in a number of ways. First, some of our clients have media budgets that allow me to purchase advertising on a national level but several others want as much exposure as they can but with limited budgets. They have key markets they want to hit in the Midwest and Outdoor News is PERFECT for them. I can heavily hit the states I need and not have to purchase national buys in states that do not benefit them. Secondly, some of our clients have products that have less appeal in states with warmer climates, like our client that makes ice augers and ice shelters for example. For them, I can hand pick the states with an ice season. Perfect target marketing! Lastly, since Outdoor News is a publication that subscribers seem to read cover to cover, I feel confident that when our clients get editorial that highlights their great products, this helps drive readers to retail outlets.” – Sheryl Gallup, Gallup Advertising

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