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Lending a helping hand now to maintain, or gain, permission

Anytime is a great time to lend assistance, but extra labor is particularly helpful during a tough winter. Our landowner friends, particularly farmers, must do a day’s work after a big snowstorm before their day of work begins. After school,…

Try stove-top syrups this spring

Seeing displays of sap-tapping tools and equipment might turn most outdoors enthusiasts and gardeners to a different store location. But fear not, anyone who can identify a maple tree, any maple, even a box elder, can make enough maple syrup…

Sauk City library checks out fishing rods to kids, too

A brilliant idea surfaced a decade ago in Sauk City and, after a long hiatus, it is finally coming to fruition. McFarlanes’ Retail and Service Center in Sauk City is a local business that seems to have everything for everyone.…

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Jerry Davis, of Barneveld, is a biology professor emeritus at UW-La Crosse, and is an Honorary Fellow in the Botany Department at UW-Madison.

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