Tips for Tent Camping in 2012

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, more than 20 percent of Americans tent-camp, and 4 percent go tent-backpacking.

Get the Point? A 101 guide for picking the perfect hook

With fishing today being more technical and tactic-specific than ever before, picking out the right hook for the correct presentation, can be a daunting task. To help sort things out, an interview was needed with a guy who’s seen it all and been around them for decades.

Duck ID on the Wing

Species identification is one of duck hunting’s biggest challenges. With species driven harvest management, hunters run the risk of going over the limit if they can’t identify species, and in the case of mallards, knowing gender, before pulling the trigger.

Best Stands for the Rut

What are the best locations for a deer stand when the rut is in progress? In my experience (which includes hunting white-tailed deer during the...

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