Deep-water crappies in the fall

By Angling Buzz Cooling water temperatures create chaos in the shallower water of lakes and reservoirs. Frigid rains and howling winds mix the surface layers, with the turbulence eventually reaching down to and disrupting the summer thermocline. Surface water temperatures…

Where and how to fish spinners – video

Spinners are a great option for all types of fish including muskies, bass, northern pike, and panfish. But there is a lot more to fishing a spinner than just casting it out and reeling it in.

Tools for toothy critters – video

When targeting big fish like muskies and northern pike, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. These fish can get big, are very powerful, and have a tendency to be hooked deep. Oh, and they have big, sharp teeth – and lots of 'em.

Handling big fish – video

Tony Sindt, a fisheries specialist with the Minnesota DNR, offers up a few tips for handling big fish like sturgeon, catfish, and muskie. Video courtesy of Angling Buzz.

Rod length ... function? – video

So many anglers think about panfish rod lengths as what you prefer, but in reality, anglers should be thinking about rod length as a function of how they are going to be fishing, as indicated in this video from Angling…

How to keep the fish below the hole – video

Tips in this video from Angling Buzz on how to keep fish below the hole when fishing in a wheel house or flip-over shelter. The real key is to maximize your opportunities. Video courtesy of Angling Buzz  

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