Fishing Tips

Angling Buzz video: power-corking walleyes

During mid-summer, when walleyes move deep, one of the most effective ways to target them is by power-corking. Now, I have caught a tremendous number of different fish species on floats everything from salmon, trout, walleyes, muskies northern pike, catfish, and panfish.…

Monster northern pike – on setlines [video]

Late ice is a great time to target monster northern pike, and one of the best ways to do that is with setlines. Here's how the guys at Angling Buzz are getting it done. Video courtesy of Angling Buzz.

So you want to be an ice angler

If the trend of newcomers that we’ve seen in hunting and warm-weather fishing carries over to ice fishing, there’s sure to be some newbies wondering how to get into it. Welcome to the addiction.

Angling Buzz: In search of big bluegills [video]

Check out this video from the guys at Angling Buzz on targeting big bluegills ... And once you're able to key in on all the different factors, catching a 1-pound 'gill has to be, well, one of the most rewarding…

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