On the Trail by Ron Steffe

Tapping into the bass haven that is Pennsylvania

While bass to the north of our state take a longer time to grow big, and some fish in southern states reach large size much faster, we here in the middle are pretty good at producing big bass rather quickly, too.

Old gobbler hunter tries new approach

I sat against the base of a large hemlock last Monday. To my front was a wide limb of another hemlock that had broken off and fallen long ago, its desiccated short branches along the main stem providing perfect cover…

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Ron Steffe grew up in the farm country of Berks County, where he still resides today. His first hunting outings began at the age of 8. Those episodes consisted of following close behind his father on small game hunts, a broken .22 rifle in hand, with which he pretended to shoot his share of fleeing quarry. His angling experiences started at about the same time. A member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association and the Outdoor Writers of America Association, he has been published locally, statewide and nationally, most often reflecting upon first-hand outdoor experiences, in which he still fully engages today.

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