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PGC habitat-improvement project includes controlled-burn on State Game Land176

State College, Pa. — Pennsylvania Game Commission officials recently announced that they plan to conduct controlled burns on the Scotia Barrens on State Game Land 176 in Patton Township, Centre County, to improve habitat conditions within this unique ecosystem.  Originally outlined in public meetings…

Pa. Game Commission offers seedlings to landowners

Harrisburg — Landowners seeking to plant trees beneficial to wildlife can order seedlings being offered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Howard Nursery, which is accepting orders until April 27.  Order forms and information are available on the agency’s Web site…

PGC 'disappointed' with legislative resources audit

Harrisburg — Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe today issued the following statement on the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s audit titled “Examination of Current and Future Costs and Revenues from Forest Products, Oil, Gas and Mineral Extraction…

Game Commission responds to legislative deer audit

Harrisburg — Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl Roe on Tuessay responded to the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s audit titled “The Deer Management Program of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, A Comprehensive Review and Evaluation.” “We believe it was a thorough review of our…

Flawed concept may set back market-based rescue of Chesapeake Bay

Bills in Congress, some state agencies, and some environmental advocates are promoting a program of buying and selling pollution credits as a way to have regulated polluters pay unregulated farmers hundreds of millions of dollars every year to install practices…

Lake Erie frozen for first time in 14 years

According AccuWeather.com, following a cold snap in the Northeast, Lake Erie's surface is virtually frozen over for the first time in about 14 years. The ice ranges in thickness between paper thin along the northern shore and several inches along…

Commissioner picks still remain an issue

Jeff Mulhollem Game and fish commissioner appointments have been controversial for a century. Today, with deer-management and trout-stocking issues at the forefront of sportsmen debate, that is likely more true than ever. "If Jesus Christ himself were nominating commissioner candidates,…

Huge Pa. coyotes have us pondering wolves

Coyotes of about 50 pounds are not unheard of in Pennsylvania, but to hear that three were just taken in the recent Mosquito Creek Coyote Hunt is an eye-opener. In case you missed it, it was established by a study…

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