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Be prepared: Spring means ticks

It didn’t happen this year, but it sure has in the past. While out checking my tapped maple trees I’ve returned with ticks crawling on me. Sometimes they were deer ticks, which happen to carry the Lyme agent, while others…

Late-winter tree pruning

Not only might you have some happy wildlife, you’ll have some nice apple wood to use in a food smoker, and the satisfaction of doing something yourself.

Think twice about thin ice

We’re now in mid-February and instead going ice fishing I've been getting my maple syrup-making gear together. Why? Because other than a snowstorm the weather forecast for the days ahead calls for daytime temperatures to climb into the 40s and…

Saying goodbye to an old friend

I’m not one of those people who is obsessed with the vehicle I drive. But when the time came to say goodbye to the Jeep Wrangler I’ve had for the past 14 years, I did so begrudgingly. This, despite the…

Venison: the perfect holiday gift

Don’t tell my sister who lives in Georgia, but once again she’s getting venison jerky from me as a Christmas present. Same for my brother who lives in Arizona. But for him, it’s not actually a gift as he earned…

Of mud and maple sap: rites of spring

For the year-round outdoorsman, there are two times of the year that can be the toughest to get through: the holiday season, and the first few weeks of spring. At year’s end, once deer season is over, it’s often hurry…

Wild moose chase: Taking a census from the air

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recently issued a press release announcing that mid-winter aerial surveys of the Adirondack moose population had been completed. But there was still some work to be done as DEC biologists wanted…

First steps in woodlands management

I consider myself very fortunate to be a property owner. Twenty-two acres might not seem like much to some, but it is a world of its own to others. For me, it is a place I’ve trampled nearly my entire…

Don’t put away those fishing rods

The meteorological summer is over, and the autumnal equinox lies ahead. That means the average sportsman is likely preparing for hunting season, or perhaps even enjoying some early-season goose or gray squirrel hunting and anticipating the opening a number of…

Safety first during summer boating season

It’s mid-summer and boating in vessels of all sizes is at its zenith. As someone who spends quite a bit of time on the water, mostly paddling and fishing from a canoe or kayak, I’ve learned firsthand that safety awareness…

A different kind of bear season

The early black bear hunting seasons in New York are still a couple months away. However, summer ushers in a bear season of its own, where it's the bears that are doing the hunting – for food. This can be…

Dan Ladd is an outdoor writer based in the southeastern Adirondacks. He is the web author of ADKHunter.com and has authored two books, including Deer Hunting in the Adirondacks. Dan writes a weekly column for The Chronicle in Glens Falls, N.Y., and is a frequent contributor to New York Outdoor News.

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