Walleye hatch again lower than expected

At the October Western Basin Sportfishing Association meeting, Travis Hartman, fisheries biologist with the DNR Division of Wildlife Sandusky Lake Erie Fisheries Research Station, gave an overview of the current Lake Erie walleye and yellow perch populations.

Lake Erie bag limits likely same

At the Lake Erie Committee meetings, which ended March 23, the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for walleyes and yellow perch were calculated and population projections announced.

Walleye locations in the early fall

During late summer and early fall patterns, walleyes can be deep, shallow or anywhere in between. If I've tried to convey one message to other anglers the past few years about fall walleye fishing, it's that walleyes likely will behave…

Walleye Fishing with Terry Tuma

Terry Tuma's interview with the Minnesota DNR on Walleye Fishing. Special thanks to the DNR for the permission to post this. (36:36)

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