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Sight of buffleheads soothes on a cold winter’s night

A waterfowler’s season is never over, even when the trusty, weatherbeaten old shotgun is cleaned and racked and the bags of decoys and other paraphernalia of the trade are stowed in the barn for winter. That is because waterfowlers, duck…

Lamenting the loss of the bobwhite

Quail numbers hit hard in Ohio. And when we lost those cheerful sweet calls and the sight of coveys skedaddling along brushrows, we lost something special. It would be nice to have them back. The loss has been ours, and many of us do not even realize it.

Winter bird feeding entertains, educates

Writer enjoys watching birds over the bead on the barrels of his double-barrel shotgun well enough, but also enjoys watching them at his feeding stations every winter day.

Be wary of ticks in the deer woods this season

It is a little thing, easily ignored, overlooked, or forgotten, but potentially with big consequences – a bite from an infected tick. And while disease-bearing ticks can be a problem year-round, deer hunters should be especially wary. We spend long…

Teach kids hunting at the appropriate age

Very young kids have no business doing anything more than tagging along, not pulling triggers. They are too immature to understand what they are doing. Much responsibility comes with pulling the trigger.

Ohio DNR errs in allowing dogs to roam beaches

The official announcement curiously was carefully crafted to avoid explaining why Fido should be allowed to run free, contrary to a long-standing rule, on parks’ beaches through May 18. It simply told Ohioans to go for it.

The Old Man grows fond of his trail camera

OK, OK, true confession: I am a grumpy old man, slow to embrace the latest and greatest in outdoors gear and technology. But I am starting to grow fond of a trail camera. My kids, all-in in the Great Technology…

Awarded officer went out of his way to make things good

Sometimes, it’s personal. So I am especially pleased that Ohio Wildlife Investigator Brian Bury, assigned to the Lake Erie Unit, has been name Wildlife Officer of the Year by Wildlife Officer Lodge 143, of the Fraternal Order of Police of…

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Steve Pollick, an Ohio Outdoor News columnist since the paper’s inception in 2005, and retired staff member of The Blade newspaper in Toledo and its outdoors editor since 1982. His bylined stories and columns also have appeared in local, regional, state, and national magazines for more than 40 years.

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