Northland Tackle Rippin’ Minnow, Limber Leech & Critter Craws KitRippin Minnow

The Rippin’ Minnow relies on a gliding jig head at the forward part of the bait that propels the entire lure in a darting motion throughout the water column. The Rippin’ Minnow features a pre-rigged soft, chewy body that both acts and feels like the real thing. It’s a perfect cast and retrieve bait which also fishes well vertically for pinpoint, precision fishing when the bite requires detail and life to the bait.

The Mimic Minnow® Critter Craw is grounded by a lead stand-up style jig head and features a premium hook with quality wire guard for around weeds and cover. It’s the ultimate in tie-and-go craw jigs, effective for a number of species that frequent rivers, ponds and lakes.

The Mimic Minnow® Limber Leech breathes new life into existing leech imitations.  Multiple, subtle segments throughout the leech body gives the Mimic Minnow® Limber Leech incredible action with little effort required by the angler.  As the soft-plastic segments undulate, the ribbed lead jig head guides the bait while offering a profile that matches the rest of the bait.

Prize pack valued at $100.

Entries accepted from 12:00 a.m. CDT Wednesday, June 2, 2020 through 11:59 p.m. CDT Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

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