Whitetail Deer

Hunting in the off-season

Much can be learned about the game you hunt and their habits and this can make you a more efficient and possibly successful hunter next year.

Whitetails are tough critters

If you do all the right things following a hit and still don’t recover a deer that continues to move, take some resolve in the animal’s natural healing ability and that you may encounter it another day. 

Trailing techniques

Last season, I was sitting on a Pennsylvania hillside overlooking an overgrown cow pasture when I heard a shot from above me. I turned just in time to see what appeared to be a 4-pointer running down the hill to…

Weather matters

Others may disagree but, when temperatures drop, I’ll be in my stand with the confidence I’ll be seeing deer, especially bucks. 

Too hot to handle

New York could use a hard frost, and soon. It’s been an extremely warm autumn thus far, with temperatures running 10 or 15 degrees higher than average. Even where I reside in the Southeastern Adirondacks, we’re just on the tail…

Double duty: Scouting for deer during turkey season

With the arrival of spring turkey season so many of us have gobbler fever, and I’m certainly afflicted. But if your turkey hunting areas are the same as your deer hunting spots, you can surely acquire some data while turkey…

Closing time – the end of deer season

I hate seeing deer season end. Some years, including this one, I’m physically ready for it as I’ve logged close to 70 miles on my aging legs traipsing through the Adirondacks throughout the course of this season. But mentally, I…

Better tasting venison

I like to cook, and I like good food. As a result, I’ll admit I’m somewhat of a food snob. I drive my wife crazy when we eat at a restaurant and I occasionally comment on the dish I ordered…

The buck, the bullet and the sapling

The date was Saturday, Nov. 7, 1998. My brother, Tim, and I had made a few short pushes that morning before deciding to still-hunt one of the bigger mountains in our hunting area. This was well before our FRS/GPS radio…

A fresh look at young hunters – and young deer

Opening morning of the Northern Zone crossbow season found me sitting in the same spot where I had brought Joey, age 14, on the first two mornings of New York’s Columbus Day weekend youth big game hunt. Having only three…

A haunting we will go

For a variety of reasons, hunting with my friend Jonathon was a memorable experience each time we went and, that was nearly every day after work. Jonathon and I both worked at the same high school and after school hours…

A shot too far

I spoke to a good friend who has never hunted with a bow and arrow until he bought a crossbow two years ago. We discussed how the season played out and he told me he shot a beautiful ten point…

Deer urine ban may not be a good idea

While this blogger is in favor of doing whatever it takes to slow or prevent the spread of CWD, banning the use of deer urine may be the least effective means. 

End of a hunting era?

Hunting season was a bit more difficult than in years past all the way around. For the regular Southern Zone big game season opener, our traditional trip to Steuben County saw limited participation from our group of hunters. Life seemed…

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