Boots on the ground for chasing spring turkeys

The thundering gobble echoed through the trees at 5:22 a.m. We had already been sitting in the woods for an hour and it was surprisingly comfortable. It was the middle of May and temperatures were in the 50’s with no…

In New York, still time to get a gobbler

What has been and up-and-down turkey season continues to be just that. Following the snow and cold of the second weekend in May, as well as that of the season, things warmed up and turkey season entered yet another phase.…

Some early notes on turkey season

To say the first two weeks of turkey season were unusual would be preaching to the choir. Anyone who went out or who still goes out every morning can attest to the crazy weather that drove most of us to…

Snow-kidding: winter weather turkey hunting

When I saw the weather forecast for the approaching weekend calling for snow, I actually got excited. I don’t mind it a little on cool side when I’m turkey hunting. In fact what I dislike the most about the late…

Of turkeys and ticks

Turkey season has finally arrived, and for this hunter, it hasn’t come soon enough. Because of shoulder surgery in February, I was doubting whether I would even been able to go. Three years ago, I missed the entire spring season…

Strange feeling about turkey hunt

As New York’s youth turkey hunting weekend fast approaches, I have almost a sick feeling in my gut over it. For the first time in I don’t know how many years, I'll have to sit this one out. Mentoring new…

Quest for gobbler still leaves lasting memories

The spring wild turkey season is the central focus of my elusive outdoor quest. Just when I think I can reach that attainable goal of tagging a big bird, it slips through my fingers at the last minute due to…

Decoys are effective on gobblers, but let’s use them safely

When using a decoy setup in an area where another hunter might be encountered, it’s beyond wise to play it safe. If you see another hunter stalking your decoy setup, call out in a loud, clear voice to warn them, and never wave or make a turkey sound to get their attention.

Twilight and the turkey hunter

Using these levels of twilight is not only fun, but if you happen to be a weather and/or astronomy buff, they can serve as guidelines for setting the alarm clock and getting you where you need to be at the right time to bag that gobbler.

Tips on selecting a turkey hunting vest

Next to your gun and your turkey calls, a good turkey vest is perhaps the most useful item a turkey hunter can own. A little knowledge of what to look for will help you choose the right vest.

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