A peek at pro bass fishing [video]

Anyone who is willing to tie up tens of thousands of dollars in a boat simply to fish bass tournaments is obviously quite serious about bass fishing. For the average evening or weekend angler, a canoe, kayak, johnboat or even…

And the three top bass baits are ...

Bass season is finally here and I’m glad. Bass are found just about everywhere in New York state including rivers, lakes and even farm ponds. They are game fighters and the smaller ones make a tasty addition to any frying…

Have kayak, will bass fish

It’s not hard to figure out why competitive kayak bass angling is catching on. First, anyone with a kayak and fishing rods can join in.

Double duty: When trout and bass fishing overlap

In the weeks ahead trout action will likely start to dwindle as the weather warms and trout anglers back off pursuing their favorite fish. At the same time, bass fishing will intensify. But for now, at least in this part of New York, an angler can have the best of both worlds.

Bass season kickoff presents plenty of options for N.Y. anglers

New York’s season for both smallmouth and largemouth bass traditionally opens the third Saturday in June, which this year means June 15. Bass are a favorite among fishermen because of their relative numbers and the fact they readily adapt to life equally well…

Similarities in bass fishing on Erie, Ontario

If you're a bass fisherman on Lake Erie and want to try fishing on Lake Ontario, just bring your knowledge and baits. Ditto for Lake Ontario anglers wanting to tackle Lake Erie. Once you find the fish, you should be able to catch them.

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