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For the tired spring gobbler hunter, keep at it

We’ve pretty much arrived at that point in the spring gobbler season where it’s easy to come up with an excuse to turn off the 3:30 or 4 a.m. alarm and go back to sleep. It’s too windy, too rainy,…

Dog days at the sport shows: Toiling with a 'toller'

I always enjoy working the New York Outdoor News booth at the winter sport shows. It’s a great time to connect with readers, hear what they like or don’t like about the paper, and trade hunting and fishing stories with…

Paula’s hunt, Paula’s gun: Yes, the 7mm-08 for moose

I’m heading to Newfoundland on a moose hunt in September and I’m not even bringing a rifle. Or a bow. It’s not my hunt. This time, since I’ve already taken a Newfoundland moose, it’s Paula’s turn. We can’t wait for this…

In the invasive pest world, looks can be deceiving

Perhaps nowhere is the phrase “looks can be deceiving” more appropriate than when applied to the mute swan. Yes, they are beautiful. But they are much different than the trumpeter swan, despite the physical similarities. The non-native, invasive species displace native wildlife species, degrade water…

Bad bamboo: Japanese knotweed clogs riverbanks

I’m already looking ahead to spring and, obviously, turkey hunting, but also to the open-water fishing season. Paula and I didn’t get a lot of fishing in last year and I can’t remember why, but I know some of it was…

Pheasant hunting on hold with Finn on the mend

I’m never sorry to see deer season come to an end because, by early December, I’ve had plenty of time in a tree, usually have enough venison in the freezer, and have made enough memories in the field that I’m ready…

Planning, preparation key for major hunting, fishing trips

When it comes to any trip involving considerable effort – and expense – Paula and I tend to research and plan thoroughly. That said, when the time finally arrives for a memorable excursion, we enter it with the mentality that chances…

A beech bonanza may make for tough hunting

I hunted fall turkeys one day last week in Tioga County, visiting Pete Clare at his storied Turkey Trot Acres hunting lodge, where fall turkey hunting with dogs has emerged as an autumn tradition, albeit a shortened one given New York…

Archery practice sessions can be boring but don’t need to be

Make the time now and break up the monotony of the solo backyard shooting session by using a few tricks to spice things up. Or head to the 3-D range for some different target looks and some quality practice and just plain fun. It’s time.

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Steve Piatt has served as editor of New York Outdoor News since its launch in 2004, and has been a newspaper reporter and editor for more than 30 years. He’s an avid outdoorsman who’s hunted and fished across North America. He loves spring gobbler hunting (taking the grand slam); deer hunting with bow or rifle; fly fishing the Adirondacks and Catskills as well as backcountry brook trout streams; and hunting pheasants with one of his three Labrador retrievers. Steve is a member of National Wild Turkey Federation, Trout Unlimited and National Rifle Association, and works out of his home office in Elizabethtown in Essex County, about 10 minu

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