Straight Shooting by Mike Raykovicz

Field of nightmares: Dealing with tough gobblers

Ask any turkey hunter what’s the toughest turkey to hunt and you’ll most likely get a variety of answers. Nobody’s asked, but I’ll volunteer my opinion anyway. For me it’s the strutting tom in a field. Turkeys are likely to be…

Early-season trout can be hit-and-miss

New York’s trout season opens April 1. This may pose a problem because April 1 is also Easter Sunday. Nevertheless, there are bound to be those diehards who will find a way to get out on the water. Early-season anglers are…

Going horizontal: Tips on buying a crossbow

Like it or not, crossbows are here to stay, and more New York hunters are hunting with them every year. We talked to several archery pro shop owners about what new-to-the-sport crossbow buyers are looking for and just about all…

Take a seat and make the shot: A bowhunting option

A few years ago, a friend asked me whether I shoot standing up or sitting down while bowhunting. “Standing,” I replied. “Why don’t you sit; it’s a lot more comfortable,” he said. Actually, I never thought about it. Truth be…

Dealing with nuisance wildlife is no easy task

Setting a trap to deal with a nuisance wildlife problem is the easy part; dealing with what happens after the trap door closes can be more than what most homeowners bargain for. When faced with having to deal with nuisance wildlife, it may be better to let a professional handle it. 

TV hunting shows should focus on ethics

Ethical hunting is defined as abiding by the rules, taking only appropriate shots, respect for the game being hunted and respect for the rights of fellow sportsmen. These are the values we should be teaching any youngster in our tutelage. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Changing times for walleye fishing

Sometime in the late 1970s or '80s the weeds began to get thicker and the rocky shoals where we found walleyes were now engulfed in thick weeds. This had to impact the walleyes spawning in the lake and it began to show. However, more than weeds, it seemed crappies began to proliferate at an astounding rate.

For lesser cuts of venison, make a great stew

There are dozen if not hundreds of ways to cook prime cuts of venison, but what do you do with the tougher cuts like the neck and shanks besides grinding them for hamburger?

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Mike Raykovicz has been a professional outdoor writer for nearly thirty years. In addition to being a regular contributor to New York Outdoor News since its inception, he is currently an archery columnist for Pennsylvania Game News, the official publication of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and has had many articles published in New York’s Conservationist magazine. In addition, Mike does equipment reviews and dealer profiles for ArrowTrade, a trade magazine of the archery industry. He is an avid spring turkey hunter and lives for the October bow season. He and his wife Mary Lou reside in Vestal (Broome County).

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