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VIP fishing day a learning experience on many levels

“Have the fish cleared the screen yet?” asked Capt. Joel Ruggiero of Bait Master Charters. “We have now!” shouted an enthusiastic Jeff Rasmus of Dunkirk, first mate on the boat for this special VIP/Media fishing day out of Dunkirk on…

FLW officials impressed with Buffalo facilities – and the fishing

That will likely set the stage for a return trip somewhere down the road. Before that, though, they may need further discussion on how to handle Lake Erie, a body of water that presents an entirely different set of challenges from other bodies of water they fish.

Waterhouse’s Orleans efforts earn a well-deserved retirement

Mike Waterhouse of Albion, a former Lake Ontario charter captain and the sportfishing promotion person for Orleans County Tourism for many years, has finally come to his senses and retired. It’s been a long time coming for the 70-something workhorse…

International fishing flavor in western New York

“I love it when a plan comes together!” It seemed like George Peppard Jr. would say that every week when “The A-Team” aired on NBC during the 1980s. And it was always some roundabout way that led to achieving whatever…

Good times, bad times on the water

The Led Zeppelin song, “Good Times, Bad Times,” was echoing in my head following a convoluted morning of mishaps and bungles. Sometimes you just have one of those days. Other days you can do no wrong. Sometimes you get the…

McManus left us laughing

Patrick F. McManus was one of the funniest people I have ever come to meet. Whether you had the pleasure to gain his acquaintance or not, there are undoubtedly millions of people on this planet who probably share the same…

Fishing info and tips can come from anywhere

You just never know where your next piece of fishing information is going to come from. An excellent case in point came recently when I happened to be talking to Dave Lefebre of Erie, Pa. An interview had been arranged…

Erie Canal Fishing Derby ambassador Harrington dies

When I ran into Steve Harrington of Gasport a few weeks ago, he went out of his way to come over and say thank you once again for some of the promotion he received through my writing and broadcast efforts.…

DEC improving communications with outdoor media [video]

Communications with this state’s outdoor press has been a difficult proposition to say the least the last couple of years for the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Press folks, when we needed information, had to contact Albany to arrange for…

Outdoor writers celebrate 50 years, by George

Fifty years ago, the New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA) was formed. The official inaugural meeting was held in Lake George, an effort spearheaded by the late Hans Paller of Massena and William R. Hilts of Sanborn. And when…

A hot time for early Canada geese

You can’t do everything during certain times of the year as it relates to hunting and fishing. But in the fall, once hunting seasons start to kick into gear, your outdoor opportunities expand considerably. You must carefully select what works…

Niagara Gorge: Natural beauty, great fishing, step by step

The Niagara Gorge is something special. This is the stretch of the Niagara River that was formed when Niagara Falls slowly started to erode away the land around it. Starting at the escarpment in Lewiston, the powerful water chipped away…

Similarities in bass fishing on Erie, Ontario

If you're a bass fisherman on Lake Erie and want to try fishing on Lake Ontario, just bring your knowledge and baits. Ditto for Lake Ontario anglers wanting to tackle Lake Erie. Once you find the fish, you should be able to catch them.

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