Fishing info and tips can come from anywhere

You just never know where your next piece of fishing information is going to come from. An excellent case in point came recently when I happened to be talking to Dave Lefebre of Erie, Pa. An interview had been arranged…

Going horizontal: Tips on buying a crossbow

Like it or not, crossbows are here to stay, and more New York hunters are hunting with them every year. We talked to several archery pro shop owners about what new-to-the-sport crossbow buyers are looking for and just about all…

Paula’s hunt, Paula’s gun: Yes, the 7mm-08 for moose

I’m heading to Newfoundland on a moose hunt in September and I’m not even bringing a rifle. Or a bow. It’s not my hunt. This time, since I’ve already taken a Newfoundland moose, it’s Paula’s turn. We can’t wait for this…

In the invasive pest world, looks can be deceiving

Perhaps nowhere is the phrase “looks can be deceiving” more appropriate than when applied to the mute swan. Yes, they are beautiful. But they are much different than the trumpeter swan, despite the physical similarities. The non-native, invasive species displace native wildlife species, degrade water…

Bad bamboo: Japanese knotweed clogs riverbanks

I’m already looking ahead to spring and, obviously, turkey hunting, but also to the open-water fishing season. Paula and I didn’t get a lot of fishing in last year and I can’t remember why, but I know some of it was…

Boreas classification a win for sportsmen

Big- and small-game hunters alike can disperse along the road in a region very popular for snowshoe hare hunting, while snowmobilers and the towns of Newcomb and North Hudson, standing to benefit from a connector trail, are perhaps the happiest about the classification. 

Alsheimer leaves lasting legacy in the whitetail world

Like so many in the deer hunting community, especially in New York, I was saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Charlie Alsheimer a few days before the New Year. The fact that he touched a great number of…

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