Laughs and gaffs at Niagara’s outdoor media event

The 2022 version of the Greater Niagara Outdoor Media event offered plenty of smiles as outdoor media professionals, writers and corporate sponsors gathered to catch fish and break bread May 1-7 in the Niagara River, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.…

Renewing friendships on the water

Forty-eight years ago, Tim Holden of Pendleton was concentrating on a 90 miles per hour fastball against one of the league’s top pitchers for the Akron High School baseball squad. His Starpoint Spartans team was in an unusual position –…

Four calls that do it all

Because they are so small and compact and imitate most turkey vocalizations, the writer always carries one in his shirt pocket for use both in the fall and spring.

Getting the lead out

The use of lead ammunition for hunting has become an environmental issue due to its toxic effects on wildlife and children. Game organs, which are discarded when field-dressing an animal, often contain fragments of lead bullets. These organs, which are…

Encounter with a pack rat: Big rodent roams remote camp 

I’ve stayed in all kinds of camps over the years – deer camps, turkey camps, trout camps – in cabins of varying degrees of rustic. As a result, I’ve seen my share of mice and had them tap-dancing on my head a…

A little luck on opening day

For this hunter, there is nothing better than the early days of turkey season with the cooler temperatures, limited foliation and lack of insects. It’s a wonderful time to be in the turkey woods. Slinging a gobbler over your shoulder on the way out is icing on the cake. 

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