Early season walleye jigging tactics

I love using jigs but too many anglers aren’t fishing them correctly. Just starters, understand that you won’t always feel the thump of a walleye when it strikes a jig. Guys expect that sure bite or hit. Many times you…

Top techniques for hammering autumn walleyes

There are a number of 'best' ways to catch fall walleyes. Crankbaits via leadcore line or longline trolling lead the pack in my opinion. You'll also find me casting crankbaits at rock piles, reefs and green weed flats. When trolling…

Walleye locations in the early fall

During late summer and early fall patterns, walleyes can be deep, shallow or anywhere in between. If I've tried to convey one message to other anglers the past few years about fall walleye fishing, it's that walleyes likely will behave…

MN: Opener walleyes bite well despite weather

Bemidji, Minn. - The number of walleyes Minnesotans caught on opening day depended on their willingness to take serious abuse from Mother Nature. A steady 35-mile-per-hour northeast wind, finger-numbing temperatures, and rain took its toll on anglers eager to start…

Upper Red Lake's mid-season slot adjustment remains for 2011

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that regulations allowing Upper Red Lake anglers to keep larger walleye after June 15 will be in effect again for the 2011 open water season. From Saturday, May 14, through Tuesday, June…

Buy a walleye stamp, says DNR, and support stocking

Anglers who want to support Minnesota's walleye stocking program can do so by simply purchasing a walleye stamp wherever Minnesota fishing licenses are sold, according to the Minnesota DNR. More than 32,000 anglers bought the stamp in 2010. Stamp sale…

Walleye Fishing with Terry Tuma

Terry Tuma's interview with the Minnesota DNR on Walleye Fishing. Special thanks to the DNR for the permission to post this. (36:36)

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