Ice Fishing

Cold ushers in ice fishing

It’s been a few years since outdoor enthusiasts have been able to transition from deer hunting right into the ice-fishing season

Cold snap could bring some ‘fishable’ ice

If not for recent winds … there’s a good chance some fortunate Minnesotans could be ice fishing next week. If it gets as cold as expected, for as long as expected, some still might be experiencing “first ice.”

It’s almost here! Preparation for ice fishing

My personal favorite fishing season almost has arrived. I thoroughly enjoy hard-water fishing, and one reason I’m successful is because I prepare my equipment weeks in advance. If you haven’t done so, the first thing I’d recommend is inventorying your…

Abrupt finish to the Minnesota ice fishing season

Last weekend was busy at bait shops and lakes across the state, and 60-degree weather made for fun fishing. Unfortunately, it also marked the last chance many of those anglers had to ice fish this season.

Ice fishing jigging technique and lure action

The fall and flutter of an ice lure is key to ice-fishing success. We want to see a slow, natural descending action, and in general, lighter lures are better at achieving this. I use a lot of No. 12 ice…

Capturing underwater memories this ice fishing season

On a recent ice fishing outing after a major cold front, the fish were nice enough to stop their hot bite and give this angler an opportunity to play around with two underwater cameras. The cameras I was using included…

MN: Ice abounds, albeit some not in fishable condition

Wayzata, Minn. - You can go anywhere in the state and find walkable, fishable ice. But it doesn't seem to matter what direction you head, you'll also find a few lakes with some problematic ice conditions. The ice that's been…

Presenting your ice offering properly

First let's chat about bobbers. A bobber is great because it allows us to immediately check the mood of the fish. The size of your bobber, which is a strike indicator and depth setter, is big factor. Generally speaking, I…

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