WriteOutdoors by Ron Hustvedt, Jr.

Hold Governor Dayton to his campaigning words

Campaign promises are made to be broken right? It would seem that's a common trend throughout the history of our Republic but that's just a cynical way of seeing the world.  How do you get a politician to honor their…

Paddle the turkey, it's time for spring!

It might be the dead of winter but there are already signs of spring. Oh sure, the first of many outdoors shows is taking place this weekend in St. Paul but that's not what I'm talking about.  I'm referring to…

For Bowhunters, December Goes by in a Flash

"It's been a long December," as the Counting Crows sing in one of my favorite songs. Only thing is, for bowhunters, December seems to go by in a flash.I know that I can't hang up my bow just yet. There's…

About this blog

Ron Hustvedt is an outdoor writer, photographer and videographer from Minneapolis, MN who considers himself an avid angler and hunter. He especially enjoys being outdoors with his family whether camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or canoeing. Hustvedt has been an outdoor writer for more than 20 years and a middle school teacher for almost as long. Visit his website at www.WriteOutdoors.com or follow him on Twitter.

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