View From The Blind by Tom Pink

Attitude adjustment

Despite a bluebird sky and an assortment of decoys, the geese just weren’t flying in the author’s direction this day. But that’s OK, because every hunt isn’t about bring home dinner.

Forest fire interrupted

A potential forest fire at the Round Island Point Preserve was averted by quick thinking and rapid response.

The 25-minute turkey hunt

Occasionally, when everything comes together nicely, an outdoors adventure may last minutes rather than hours. This was one of those occasions.

Don't feed the fox

Despite the temptation to help wildlife, feeding wild animals is usually not a good idea. It habituates the animals and teaches them to eat from non-natural food sources.

Duck camp will always be duck camp

Despite being uncomfortable and often downright unpleasant, the alluring call of a duck blind keeps hunters coming back year after year.

Decoys I have known

Decoys come in different shapes and sizes, and hold different memories.

The power of nature

It can be therapeutic, regardless of if you’re in a goose marsh or on a sunny beach.

Lucky father, lucky son, lucky man

In my little town of Sault Ste. Marie, one is never far from the St. Mary’s River. For 30 years, we lived in a house about a mile from the river, and on quiet mornings before the traffic ramped up,…

No fake news here

News reports run the gamut from a trapping season for Bigfoot to “three-splash” duck rule.

Smoking salmon again

Fishing is fantastic in the St. Mary’s River for both pink and Atlantic salmon.

Boats I have known

Old photographs can spark memories of outdoor activities and excursions of the past.

Spring turkey hunting much the same as it was pre-COVID

The hunt ended much like it always does, with smiles and gratitude, sunlight warming our faces and the wild things carrying on as if nothing had happened. The only thing missing in the congratulatory ritual was the usual high-five or handshake – just an elbow bump, this year. 

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Tom Pink is a native of Michigan who has been hunting and fishing in the state for most of his life. He has been a freelance outdoor writer for 25 years and has been a columnist for Michigan Outdoor News since 2008.

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