Outdoor Wanderings by Mike Schoonveld

Smells make the memories

Got a whiff of something this morning, instantly taking me back to a place I’ve been, and loved, in the past.

Get out fishing and take advantage of El Nino's warm weather

We’re having a late start to winter. For those of us who are less-than-ardent fans of winter and its silent sports, that’s a good thing. For those of you who are less-than-ardent fans of winterizing your boat that’s also a…

El Nino and the Great Lakes

Doomsayers claim it’s a part of the world’s “climate change.” The mouths on steadier heads say, it’s happened before and will happen again.

What color is a crane?

An experience with cranes many years ago while working with the USFWS remains in the author’s memory.

Lake Michigan September slam

Some of the best trout and salmon fishing in Michigan is in the fall and the ultimate challenge is catching all five species of trout and salmon that live in Lake Michigan.

Make a list for your outdoor adventures

By making a list of items you might need on an upcoming hunting, fishing or trapping adventures ensures that you won't have to make an unnecessary trip to the local department store.

Boil your lake trout

Consider a fish boil if you come home from your Great Lakes fishing trip with a load of lake trout.

Make the time to go fishing

Anglers often must go out of their way to take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing.

The lake trout conspiracy of Lake Michigan

Conspiracy theorists wonder why the number of salmon stocked into the Great Lakes has been cut substantially over recent years, but lake trout stocks have increased.

It’s wader season

Whether hunting or fishing, a good pair of waders will come in handy at some point this fall.

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Mike Schoonveld has been a freelance outdoor writer for 25 years and has been a columnist for Michigan Outdoor News since the paper’s inception in 2000. Mike’s first love in the out-of-doors is Great Lakes salmon fishing, but he enjoys all kinds of fishing, is an avid hunter and trapper, and frequently participates in a variety of other outdoor activities.

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