Outdoor Wanderings by Mike Schoonveld

All wood is not created equal

I don’t think there is any kind of wood from any kind of tree that won’t burn. Want a campfire? Burn wood – use any kind of wood, it will burn. Some wood will burn fast, some slow, some will…

Dealing with unbreakable dates

I have five brothers and five sisters. When people with fewer kids or siblings hear that, one of the first questions is, “How do (or did) you ever get anything planned?” Generally, they are talking about family outings (when we…

Solar power hits the water

Jim Greer recently returned home in his solar-powered boat after completing a 7,200-mile voyage running totally on solar power.

$1.5 million for a grant on how humans hurt the environment?

The headline read, "NASA Grants MSU $1.5 Million to Study How Humans Hurt the Environment." This is wrong in so many ways, starting with the headline. I’m horrible at writing headlines. They are supposed to be a tease, not the…

Spotters and colored wads can lead to better wingshooting

“How’d I miss?” It’s a common question for shotgun shooters, whether at the range or in the field. Obviously, you shot too high, too low, too far in front, too far behind or a combination of these such as high…

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Mike Schoonveld has been a freelance outdoor writer for 25 years and has been a columnist for Michigan Outdoor News since the paper’s inception in 2000. Mike’s first love in the out-of-doors is Great Lakes salmon fishing, but he enjoys all kinds of fishing, is an avid hunter and trapper, and frequently participates in a variety of other outdoor activities.

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