Outdoor Wanderings by Mike Schoonveld

The big one that got away

So just how big was this walleye? Well, not likely as big as the guy who hooked it would lead us to believe. Because if it were ...

What color are walleyes?

Walleyes come in a variety of color phases ranging from blue, to green, to gold and even silver.

Plain or without tartar

It’s often said there are two kind of people – cat people and dog people. There seems to be a solid rift between classical music lovers and contemporary music fans. Mars vs. Venus. Leaders vs. followers. Cowboys vs. Indians. Meat…

Do your summer shirts perform for you?

Not long ago, during the summer months, most Michigan fishermen pulled on a tee-shirt if the day came with a prediction for warm weather and sunny skies. Then, if they were worried about too much sun or wanted to shield…

Replace the Buckthorn? Doubtful

Government agencies are constantly planning future budgets because each dollar they get has to pass through several filters and rankings before they actually get their funding. Not all agencies are created equally when it comes to getting the money for…

Cold finger defense

It’s easy to keep your fingers warm while fishing in cold weather if you follow these three tips.

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Mike Schoonveld has been a freelance outdoor writer for 25 years and has been a columnist for Michigan Outdoor News since the paper’s inception in 2000. Mike’s first love in the out-of-doors is Great Lakes salmon fishing, but he enjoys all kinds of fishing, is an avid hunter and trapper, and frequently participates in a variety of other outdoor activities.

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