Outdoor Wanderings by Mike Schoonveld

Climate change is not the only culprit

Loss of wetlands and an increase in asphalt, concrete, homes, factories and other impermeable toppings share part of the blame for record water levels on the Great Lakes.

Ebikes: egads or e-welcome?

The popularity of ebikes is creating some confusion for traditional bicyclists riding on public lands.

Check twice when fueling your boat

With a rise in the amount of ethanol being mixed with gasoline, make sure you use either alcohol-free gasoline or, at most, E-10.

Tough lesson for a lure-buying addict

I used to walk into a tackle shop wishing I was rich enough to buy one of every lure they were selling. I knew one of those lures would be the “one,” that perfect lure, the lure no fish could…

The perfect fishing knot

What’s a good fishing knot? That’s simple. If you tie a hook on the end of a fishing line with a simple or perhaps a complicated series of twists, turns, loops and laps; hang a worm on the hook; catch…

What’s sinister about baby’s breath?

Invasive species often have ugly, dangerous, often xenophobic-sounding names. Even if a person had never heard of a sea lamprey, its name sounds like a customer you wouldn’t want to meet. The red swamp crayfish could be an escapee from…

Easy steps to fishing rod line guide repair

I use the winter months as a time to sort, inspect and maintain the rods, reels and other gear I use and abuse spring, summer and fall. This way, I have everything ready when the water softens in the spring.…

On the ice, dial up common sense, personal responsibility over 911

Cell phones and 911 service have, no doubt, saved countless lives since they were invented. But they don’t take the place of personal responsibility and common sense. It often seems that as we rely more on technology, it’s at the expense of responsibility and common sense.

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Mike Schoonveld has been a freelance outdoor writer for 25 years and has been a columnist for Michigan Outdoor News since the paper’s inception in 2000. Mike’s first love in the out-of-doors is Great Lakes salmon fishing, but he enjoys all kinds of fishing, is an avid hunter and trapper, and frequently participates in a variety of other outdoor activities.

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