Outdoor Expeditions by Cory Yarmuth

Talking technology: Do we anglers have an unfair advantage?

Some say that technology is ruining our experience on the water. Others might just say the opposite is true.  Either way, this is a losing battle between the two groups. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, that doesn’t mean…

Spring fishing and the moral dilemma of bedding bass

Spring is coming and so is some of the best fishing around. This means that Lake Michigan will be crazy with tasty coho and the tournaments for bass will be starting. This is an exciting time of year, but it…

Angler gift wish list should include sunglasses

I recently had a conversation with Dr. Gary Nesty about the importance of proper eye wear while fishing. Dr. Nesty is  a practicing optometrist, as well as a tournament fisherman. I knew that I needed some first-hand knowledge to help…

Traditional angler wonders: Is lead on the way out?

Every year I fish Lake Erie in search of monster-sized golden walleye. This trip is always topped off with some great smallmouth fishing action in the afternoons. These bronzebacks are starting to move up onto the shallow flats to spawn and this…

First hunt a treat for son – and his dad

As parents we often get caught up in school activities and any extra curricular activities for our children. This seems to take us over and we forget about what is important to us. We forget to make sure that we…

Salmon: Smoke 'em if you've got 'em

The process of smoking and preserving fish, or any other meats for that matter, is nothing new. It has been around for a very long time. However, many people find the process intimidating. The truth is just the opposite –…

Water levels and the adverse effect on fishing

We have had a very wet spring and start to our summer. This, in turn, caused many lakes and rivers to overflow. In neighboring states this trend has continued throughout the summer and has caused some serious damage. Not only…

An Illinois angler’s spring 'go-to' baits

Even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to give up its grasp on winter, we need to realize that it really is spring out there. The nights are cold and the days are finally starting to get warmer, and…

Angler pre-season thoughts: to keep or to replicate?

As anglers we are all in search of those “trophy” fish.  Some may deny it, but deep down, we all want to catch a fish that we can hang on the wall, remembering every last detail about that day and…

Winter can be tough on a fishing fanatic

Over the last several months, I have been bombarded by work and home obligations that have kept me from spending much-needed time on the water. But if I don’t pick up a fishing rod soon, I'll go nuts. I can’t…

Lure colors to match your needs

The action of the lure is a major part of it, but if you don't have a combination of that and the right colors, you are going to be left disappointed.

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Cory Yarmuth is an experienced Illinois outdoorsman who has had a fishing rod in his hands for over 34 years. His father introduced him to the outdoors at an early age by taking him hunting for pheasants or chasing King salmon in rivers. These days Cory can often be found fishing the shorelines of Lake Michigan or out in my boat chasing a number of different species of fish. Along with being an outdoors writer, Cory is a local guide, seminar speaker and tournament fisherman.

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