What type of events are eligible?
Since Outdoor News has an emphasis focused on the outdoor sporting areas of fishing, hunting, archery, sporting canines, conservation, shooting and related education, these types of events generally fall within the parameters.

Events must be held in one of the states that Outdoor News has a publication, including:

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Illinois

Is there a cost to list my event?
Outdoor News does not charge for listings in the calendar of events, but we do reserve the right to limit the information that is published.

How early should I submit my event?
Provide your information at least FOUR weeks prior to the event date.

What categories can I choose from for the Outdoor Calendar?
Banquets/ Fundraisers; Special Events; Shows; Meetings; Education/ Seminar; Tournaments/ Contests; Shooting/ Archery

Can I request a donation using this form?
You should use this form for all donation requests to Outdoor News. We will provide up to 300 complimentary copies of a state-specific edition for distribution at your event, as well as up to three free subscription certificates that can be used as auction item or door prize drawing.
We do ask that these contributions be acknowledged in conjunction with your event.

I’m a Firearms Safety Instructor, should I use this form for my event?
Yes. This form provides the necessary fields to include your class/ seminar in the calendar and to order gift subscription certificates and/ or complimentary copies of Outdoor News to be sent to you if you choose.

What information is required?
We need the date, time, place, organization name, how many people will be attending, a phone number where the public can call for more information, as well as your name and address. We will need a mailing address where any complimentary copies or subscription gift certificates would be sent to. (In MI, PA, NY, OH or IL: Note that we may also require your organization’s primary mailing address and tax ID #)

I submitted my information, but realized I made a mistake. What should I do?
You may fax a correction updated to: CALENDAR OF EVENTS 763-546-5913 or email patty@outdoornews.com. This is only for corrections. All events and any donation requests must be submitted through the form.


FAQ: The Outdoor News $5 Back Program

What is the Outdoor News $5 Back Program?
To qualified non profit/ chapters/ conservations groups – Outdoor News will pay $5 back for one year subscriptions ordered via a special form that we create for your organization.

Outdoor News provides the organization that is hosting a banquet, or date-sensitive fundraising drive, a customized certificate template for your participants to complete that serves as both a new or renewal subscription to the applicable Outdoor News publication. (Illinois Outdoor News, Michigan Outdoor News, Minnesota Outdoor News, Ohio Outdoor News, New York Outdoor News, Pennsylvania Outdoor News, or Wisconsin Outdoor News.) Additional copies may be made of this custom form as needed.

Outdoor News provides a return envelope. All certificates must be returned and paid for in full at one time within 30 days of the event. After 30 days, we will tally the total number of certificates received that match your event information and cut a check equal to $5 x the total # of qualified subscription orders placed made payable to your organization.

Who is eligible for the $5 Back Program?
Available to qualified non profit/ chapters/ conservation groups/ sportsmen and shooting clubs in:

New York

Since Outdoor News has an emphasis focused on the outdoor sporting areas of fishing, hunting, archery, sporting canines, conservation, shooting and related education, these types of organizations generally fall within the parameters.

What if my chapter is part of a national organization?
The $5 back program from Outdoor News Inc. will be paid to the chapter hosting the event as submitted via our **online form.

What information is required to make sure my organization receives all the funds?
You will need to post your event via the online *event submission form, which includes required fields such as the type of event (ie a banquet, fundraiser, annual meeting). This online form captures the information we require, including: the official name of your organization, a contact person, phone number, and the official mailing address for your organization (Note that this address may be different than the address you supply for us to ship complimentary copies of the paper and gift certificates!). We will also ask for your organization’s FEDERAL Tax ID #.

What is a Tax ID # and why do I need to supply it?
A Federal Tax ID # is assigned by the IRS to recognized organizations. If you are a chapter, you would generally use the state or national level number. We will need this to issue payment to your organization.

How early should I submit my event?
Provide your information at least four weeks prior to the event date.

How do people pay for their own subscriptions through the $5 Back Program?
The form we provide includes two options for payment by the individual subscriber. These options include: payment by check or cash to Outdoor News, or payment with a credit card (collected on the reverse of the form). Outdoor News is not responsible for lost or stolen funds. If you have event attendees that pay in cash, the best option is to send a check totaling those payments with the forms.  ONLY THOSE SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS SENT IN ON THE FORM WILL BE ELIGIBLE. All forms must be sent at the same time.

Can I bundle this opportunity into my club’s membership dues?
Yes, but if you plan to do so, contact evy@outdoornews.com  a minimum of three weeks in advance to make arrangements for this. You will simply include the whole subscription price in your dues, collect the payment and compile one list of the subscriber information outlined on the master form, send the list of subscribers to Outdoor News with payment in full and we will issue the $5 back for each subscription. We handle all fulfillment of mailing the subscription. Note that an effort of this nature needs to be within an articulated timeline.


**Find the form here: http://www.outdoornews.com/submit-an-event/
Note that the online submission form also serves to place your specified event onto the FREE Outdoor News calendar of events, as well as being the form you would use to request FREE copies of Outdoor News to hand out to your event attendees on a complimentary basis. PLUS, we will also send you a couple of gift certificates to be used as door prize or auction items, good for a 6-month trial subscription to Outdoor News.

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