Sure, we’re looking for the photos of your deer stand. (After all, this IS a photo contest!) But just as important, is learning about the history of your stand too!

Share your story with details such as how many generations have hunted the stand, or who originally built it.

21 winners in all!
Maybe your stand is in rough shape? 7 winners will each receive the M100U Tree Stand and M250 Climbing Stick from Millennium Treestands
Is one of your memories shivering your teeth loose in the stand next to your dad?
There are some HOT PRIZES for 7 more winners in this photo contest thanks to ArcticShield – including an ArcticShield Body Insulator Suit, Arctic Shield Boot Insulators, the ArcticShield HotAZ Seat and we’re also awarding the ArcticShield T2X Backpack. Or maybe your stand is the lap of luxury and you just need to deck it out. We’ll be awarding a $50 credit to the Outdoor News Online Store to 7 winners that can be used towards books, artwork or logowear from Outdoor News.
Check out the current entries HERE
Winners will be announced no later than Friday, December 20, 2019 on ODN social media channels and/ or the weekly eNewsletter.
Winners will be notified via the information provided in the registration form.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, tif, png.
  • Standard Outdoor News contest rules apply.

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