DNR funding pitch: Minnesota outdoor recreational facilities, buildings in need of repair – and soon [video]

According to the DNR, the broken water line at Jay Cooke State Park is among the growing list of repairs needed throughout the state for hundreds of roofs, dilapidated bridges, washed out roads and culverts and the like. (Minnesota DNR)It’s become an annual early-spring tradition for the Minnesota DNR – a tour of a popular Minnesota state park. But it’s…

DNR: Take action now to reduce bear problems [video]

(Michigan DNR)As black bears start to become active, the Michigan DNR advises property owners to be bear conscious. “The ideal situation is for a bear to walk past your property, not find a food reward and move along on its own,” said DNR wildlife communication coordinator Katie Keen. “That’s the best way to live with bears and not encourage conflict.”…

Hunting deer – and spotting an American marten [video]

While participating in Minnesota’s gun deer season outside of Ely in the Superior National Forest, Wisconsin Outdoor News columnist Patrick Durkin made a relatively rare observation for most deer hunters – an American marten on the hunt. Durkin was able to get a bit of video on the little predator on a cold early November day. For more on Durkin’s Minnesota deer…

Bats: A Halloween symbol, yes, but so much more, too [video]

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without bats. Neither would the world we live in. In the above video, get a glimpse into the lives of big brown bats, little brown bats, northern long-eared bats, and a disease called white-nose syndrome. Then meet the biologists working to give our bats a fighting chance. Categories: Nature Tags: Bats for the Future Fund

Wolf attacks moose in Ontario lake (video)

Massachusetts photographer Dan Nystedt was shooting scenic photos, including drone video, in Ontario recently when he happened onto a wolf attacking a moose in the shallow water of a lake. His drone followed the encounter for nearly four minutes. Categories: Nature Tags: Moose, Ontario, Wolf

Conservation stewardship and the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (video)

The Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 was supported by organized sportsmen and sportswomen, state fish and game agencies, and industry to tax firearms and ammunition with the proceeds going specifically to wildlife conservation. So, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, when you buy that new firearm, arrows or a new bow, a box of shotgun shells or fishing…

Stocking rainbow trout on the Vermillion River

Farmington, Minn. — Crews from the Minnesota DNR’s East Metro Fisheries office stocked 3,000 11- to 12-inch rainbow trout into several runs of Dakota County’s Vermillion River this morning, Friday, April 7. For story, photo gallery, click here. Categories: Fishing, Minnesota Videos, Nature Tags: Fish, Fishing, Minnesota, Minnesota DNR, Stocking, Trout, Vermillion River