Bass Videos

Finding fishing success from a kayak [video]

Join Wisconsin Outdoor News’ Kristen Monroe as she fishes a bass kayak tournament and talks with those in the know on the subject. A word from the wise: With less range, kayak anglers have to make their decisions right off the bat. Categories: Bass, Bass Videos, Blog Content, Fishing, Fishing, How To’s, Wisconsin – Kristen Monroe, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Bass, Fishing,…

Icing largemouth with Mike Hehner and Aqua-Vu

Mike Hehner shows how he uses his Aqua-Vu to specifically target largemouth bass during the hard-water season. Categories: Bass, Bass Videos, Fishing, Fishing, How To’s, Ice Fishing, Ice Fishing Tips, Illinois Videos, Industry News, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, News, Ohio Videos, Pennsylvania Videos, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Aqua-Vu, Fishing, Ice fishing, largemouth bass, Mike Hehner

Top Water Bass Fishing

Jeremy Smith and James Lindner are fishing using topwater baits to cover water edges, which includes the surface. Sound is a big factor to help attract them. So effective in so many different conditions, this tactic lets you figure out the bite and plenty of action means plenty of fun.