Trout stocking via helicopter means more fish for anglers

Anglers will have the opportunity to catch trout on remote lakes in northeastern Minnesota following helicopter-based fish stocking efforts this fall. The Minnesota DNR typically uses trucks to stock fish, but traditional methods can’t be used in some of the state’s difficult-to-reach lakes. In those waters, airplanes have been used for years to provide aerial stocking. But recently, pilots in…

A rainbow trout – with a blueish twist

Fishing in about 60 feet of water on Lake Superior, an angler marveled at the unusual coloring of a rainbow trout he caught recently. But he didn’t realize just how special his catch was. For the story, click here. Categories: News

New brown trout record in Pennsylvania

It was officially recorded at 20 pounds, 9 ounces, exceeding the previous record set in 2000, also by an angler from Erie, by 11 ounces. Ferraro’s fish measured 33.75 inches in length with a girth of 21.125 inches.

New Montana fishing reg would mean mandatory walleye kill

(Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)The intent of the regulation is to prevent additional illegal introductions of walleye in western Montana and to potentially help the department detect illegal introductions and take action sooner. For the complete story, click here. Categories: News, Walleye Tags: Fishing, Walleyes

Illinois food distributor plans to offer Asian carp

(Illinois DNR)Roy Sorce, owner of Sorce Enterprises, has teamed up with the Midwest Fishing Co-op to reduce the numbers of the fish and put another protein on the dinner table. “We are talking about 15 to 20 million pounds a year and that would help reduce the numbers and also less risk of them getting to the Great Lakes,” he…

Record turnout for Blackfish Classic

Wayzata, Minn. —  The Blackfish Classic Tournament for Bass on Monday, July 27 did not disappoint regional bass anglers. For the third year in a row, the Blackfish Classic was hosted on Lake Minnetonka, with a record 200 anglers competing in a 100-boat field. Fifteen checks and multiple prizes were handed out, including a $10,000 check for first place. Top…

So what’s killing all these Ontario walleyes?

A significant fish kill in the Greenstone area of northwestern Ontario – during National Fishing Week in Canada – has left many lakes and rivers in the area littered with carcasses (all walleyes?) and residents concerned. For the complete story, click here. Categories: News, Walleye Tags: Fishing, Walleyes

This $1,000 tagged walleye was a long-distance swimmer

Up to 96 $1,000 tagged walleye are still available in the Pend Oreille system. Plus, any angler who submits a walleye head is entered in to monthly drawings for $100 prizes.An Idaho fisherman won $1,000 after catching a reward-tagged walleye in the Lake Pend Oreille Angler Incentive Program. It’s the fourth $1,000 walleye to be caught in the program. But the…

Monster walleye prompts talk of state’s oldest fish record

Eric Van Dyn Hoven, of Kaukauna, and his monster walleye. (Photo: Eric Van Dyn Hoven)The walleye was 31.75 inches long and, when weighed the next day on a digital scale, was 16.87 pounds, according to the angler who caught the mega-walleye. And as it’s not uncommon for an adult walleye to produce 1 pound of eggs, the fish could easily have been…