Asian Carp

Propellers and bubbles to keep the carp out?

Carp Tank winner’s “Cavitation Barrier to Deter Asian Carp” would utilize a row of specially designed propellers to generate a wall of cavitation bubbles that implode and emit high-speed jets of water. The painful sensation of the bubbles along with the noise of the propellers would repel fish and prevent their passage beyond the bubble barrier.

In Michigan’s bid to find best idea for stopping Asian carp, livestream showdown looms in Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge

The Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge’s four finalists will compete for $500,000 in cash on Tuesday, live-streamed at Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge finalists – a software consultant, a robotics professor, a civil engineer and a hydraulic engineer – will compete for $500,000 in cash prizes during the “Carp Tank” livestream event Tuesday, March 27, beginning at 9:30 a.m….

In Illinois, 115-pound black carp caught in Missouri to help Mississippi River research efforts

A black carp like this one – but much bigger – was donate to researchers as they continue studies on the fish in the Mississippi River. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo)CARBONDALE, Ill. — Researchers at Southern Illinois University have received what could be one of the largest black carp used for scientific research. Officials at the Carbondale campus say…