Wisconsin – Jerry Davis

Even veteran turkey hunters can learn a thing or two by listening to other experienced hunters

(Photo by Jerry Davis)There may be more truth in an off-the-cuff comment by a Midwestern turkey hunting guide who said he could help anyone be a better turkey hunter with three simple recommendations. Get a blind. Use a decoy. Set up where turkeys are likely to frequent. For some, even long-time hunters, this spring might be a time to consider…

Hunters, be sure to thank landowners for using their property

Maybe a book, like Marnie Mamminga’s “Return to Wake Robin” or Jerry Apps’ “Never Curse the Rain,” would be enjoyed by a landowner this winter.Now is the time, if it hasn’t already been fulfilled, to remind those landowners on whose land we hunted that we appreciate their kindness. Most don’t expect much, but all expect at least a thank you….