Thieving dolphins and mellow manatees: Open-water action off Florida’s Gulf Coast [video]

Tim Lesmeister finds that many of the same technological tools that freshwater anglers employ – like underwater cameras – improve his fishing success near Tampa Bay, Fla. Categories: Blog Content, Fishing, Illinois Videos, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, Ohio Videos, Pennsylvania Videos, Tim Lesmeister, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Fishing, Outdoor News, Tim Lesmeister

Rebelling against stimulation, and going gadget-free in 2020

Fishing is boring. Hunting is boring. Sitting around trolling, or jigging, or casting, waiting for a fish to bite isn’t always exciting. Waiting for a deer to walk by takes so long. We worked so hard to get the decoys set just right and our calls are perfectly tuned but the ducks aren’t approaching when we hoped. I’m bored. Chances…