Smile, critters, you’re on camera

Logging on to webcams around the world will allow you to watch everything from nesting puffins on the Atlantic coast, to brown bears catching salmon on the Pacific, or immature peregrine falcons growing up under the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie.

Stop, look, soak it in

Recently, this bald eagle was spotted floating slowly over Pink’s yard. (Photo by Tom Pink)While headed to work the other day, long before dawn, I looked out over the St Mary’s River river and noticed what seemed to be fog. Then I noticed a couple spikes of light and I realized it wasn’t a fog bank, but the aurora borealis…

What’s sinister about baby’s breath?

Volunteers at Elberta Beach work to eradicate baby’s breath. (Grand Traverse Conservancy District photo)Invasive species often have ugly, dangerous, often xenophobic-sounding names. Even if a person had never heard of a sea lamprey, its name sounds like a customer you wouldn’t want to meet. The red swamp crayfish could be an escapee from a Hollywood movie set, and Asian carp…