Hunting essentials

The nice thing about this blogger's essentials is that they all fit into the pockets of his hunting coat so there’s no need to carry a backpack. 

Venison Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco is Italian and quite simply means "bone with a hole", there are some recipes for Osso Bucco that use other cuts of meat but a truly authentic osso bucco is made with a cross cut piece of shank that is about 3 inches thick. This recipe by Jamie Carlson includes tips for getting the right cut from your venison.

Buckle up and come home

Firearms season is just around the corner here in New York and if you know someone who climbs without using a safety harness remind them of the consequences if the worst should happen.

The end of summer

Sept. 1 marked the beginning of meteorological fall and that’s good news for those of us who like cooler weather, and a hint of fall in the air and a reminder that hunting seasons are nearly upon us.

Types of Optics You'll Need On Your Next Hunt

Successful hunts are contingent on much more than just a firearm. No matter the game, terrain, and weather conditions, there is always a piece of equipment that can add to your hunt. No other area of hunting equipment contributes to the excitement of hunting than optics. 

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