Trigger_Jeff Schulueter_MN_Outdoor News 2022 Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

Trigger Jeff Schulueter Mn Outdoor News 2022 Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

Trigger is a lab/golden retriever mix. She is my third hunting dog and hunting waterfowl is her favorite activity! The place where this photo was taken has a special meaning for me. It is not only my favorite waterfowl spot, but also the location of my first ever hunt back in 1990 with my grandfather. He taught me a lot about hunting and the outdoors, and was my next door neighbor for many years. We had more successful than unsuccessful hunts here, had a lot of stories and laughs, and over 30 years and 3 dogs later I am still going to this same spot now with my own kids. He passed away 4 years ago, and I hope he is looking on with a smile knowing I’m using decoy setting, calling, and shooting skills he taught me. It is a yearly tradition to come here to erect the blind, take the dog for a swim and water training and get ready for opening day!