Ginger_Joe Guidice_NY_2022 Outdoor News Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

Ginger Joe Guidice Ny 2022 Outdoor News Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

This my 4 year-old English Setter, Ginger. What I love about this photo is that it show her total focus and intensity while locked up on a solid point on a chukar that was in thick cover. This photo was taken towards the end of the mornings hunt and even after running all morning she still has the laser focus, steadiness and intensity that the picture really shows. She runs hard and is rock solid and steady when she’s on point and never misses on her retrieves. She’s small, for a setter, only about 33.5 lbs, but she is absolutely fearless and has no problem wrestling a big, crippled rooster pheasant and she has never failed to recover a downed wild ruffed grouse in the big woods in Maine and New York.